How To Make Candy Bouquet Mugs

Thinking of gifts for your friends this Christmas? One of the easiest giveaways that you can make are candy bouquet mugs. Candy bouquet mugs are not only easy to do, but can also be customized to suit the exact tastes of your friends. Even better, these gifts combine both edible gifts and a little something that will stay with your friends for a long time – a mug to greet them each morning and during coffee breaks.

  1. Purchase the mug. First, buy a large sized mug from your local home depot. Mugs are usually very inexpensive. You can also purchase plain white mugs and use paint to decorate these mugs. The pain white mugs are much cheaper. You can use acrylic ceramic paints that are available in most craft shops. By painting own mugs, you can also add personalized greetings on your candy bouquet mugs. If you are not particularly crafty when it comes to paint, you can always use mugs that have pre-made designs in them.
  2. Add Styrofoam. Next, cut out a piece of Styrofoam until it fits snugly into the bottom of the mug. The Styrofoam can also be replaced with floral foam and will be used to hold the stalks of the bouquet.
  3. Select the candies. For each person who will receive the candy bouquet mugs, you should aim to have a personalized selection of candies and treats. If you are already aware of the exact tastes that your friends have for sweets, use those brands and candies that they love. Otherwise, you can purchase a variety of candies such as small chocolate balls, bars of candies, mints, and other types of sweets. If you are going to give away candy bouquet mugs for Christmas, you can also add sugar canes to the list of candies that you will place in the mugs.
  4. Secure the candies on skewers. Use small bamboo skewers to stick the candies into the Styrofoam at the bottom of the mug. Take the candies and use a small strip of adhesive tape to attach these to the bamboo skewers. Cut the bamboo skewers in various sizes so that you can add levels when you start arranging the candy bouquet.
  5. Arrange. Arranging the candy bouquet is actually similar to arranging a real bouquet of flowers. You should begin by placing a candy piece on a tall stem of bamboo skewers right in the middle of the mug. The next candy should be placed close the first candy, but the stem should be a tad bit shorter. Each of the succeeding candies should be on a stem that is smaller than the last. The work your way around the tallest candy so that you will create a candy bouquet that is shaped like an inverted cone.

Add ribbons and greeting cards on the candy bouquet. You can also stuff the mug with tissue or soft paper so that the Styrofoam core will not be visible from outside. With these steps, you will have your own candy bouquet mug ready to be given to your friends and loved ones.


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