How To Make Catapults

Making a catapult is a relatively simple endeavor. Sometimes, a fun project like a catapult is a good way to waste a little bit of time. At the same time, you are designing something relatively useful, which is an added bonus. And it is pretty easy to design or make catapults, and it doesn't take a lot of time or effort. If you want to make catapults, just follow these simple directions.
You will need to gather the following supplies in order to make a catapult: three 10-inch-long sticks; eight 5-inch-long sticks; screws, nails or tacks; a glue gun and some glue sticks; a thick, stretchable piece of rubber (similar to a rubber band but much thicker and stronger); two hooks approximately 1/2 inch in size; a thin, 5-inch metal pole; a tub, container, box or something similar to hold the item you intend on catapulting.

As you can see, you will not need too many items to make catapults. And many of these items will most likely already be lying around the house somewhere.
Connect one 5-inch stick to one 10-inch stick with a screw, nail or tack; perform the same task with the other two lengths of stick. Now you have the sides of the catapult!

Glue the two longer sticks together in order to form the catapult's frame.
The next step is building the catapult launcher. In order to do this, make a hole in one of the 10-inch sticks approximately three inches from the end. Fasten a hook to one end of this stick on the catapult. When this is done, glue one end of the stick to the container, tub, box or whatever item you chose to use in the previous steps.
Now you need to attach the launcher to the frame of the catapult. Insert the metal pole into the hole you made before the launcher. Connect this pole to the two upright sticks of the catapult. Attach another hook to the base so that it is aligned with the other hook.

Now you are ready to use your catapult. Tie the rubber piece to the base hook, stretch it very hard to the other hook, and let it go. The object will be catapulted very far from the force of the catapult.
As you can see, it is surprisingly simple to make catapults. It is also fun and educational; not to mention potentially useful.


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