How To Make Ceramic Flower Pots

Ceramic pots contribute to making a room beautiful. The designs help accentuate the color scheme used for the room decorations. Vases, jars and flower pots are usually ceramic products. These can be used for indoor or outdoor decorations. You can make your own ceramic flower pots if you like. It can be moderately challenging, but it is fun to experiment, too. You can make your own flower pot design. You can even choose the colors for the designs! Try to make your own ceramic flower pots now!

These are the steps on how to make ceramic flower pots:

  1. Prepare the liquid clay. The following items are needed to make liquid clay: raw clay, grog, china clay, feldspar, and water. Combine all ingredients together to produce the liquid clay dough.
  2. Mold the dough. Put the dough on the pottery wheel. Press on the pedal fast to spin the wheel. Then, press your thumbs in the middle of the dough. Use your remaining fingers to pull the clay upwards. This will form your pot. Mold the dough in whichever shape you want. Then, use your finger pads to reach inside the pot. Pull the clay upwards to create the thin sides of the pot.
  3. Even the pot lip. Cut a ring from the top of the pot using a knife. The ring’s thickness should be at least an inch or more. Do this while the wheel is still spinning. This will create an even lip for the pot.
  4. Let the pot dry. Stop spinning after you have evened out the pot lip. Then, get a wire to detach the pot from the wheel. Keep the pot on the wheel. Let it harden and dry.
  5. Smoothen the dried pot. Get coarse grit sandpaper. Sand the flower pot to smoothen all rough edges. Then dust off the sanded parts with a brush.
  6. Heat the flower pot. Put the flower pot in the heating chamber. The heating temperature should be 1560°F. Leave the pot to heat up until it is already thick.
  7. Glaze the flower pot. Let the pot cool down after heating. Paint the pot with glazed paint. Glaze the pot’s inner and outer parts. Heat it up again after painting. Then let it cool for a while after heating.

Paint the flower pot’s body with colorful designs. You can also outline the lip with a different color from the pot’s base color. Decorate it according to your taste. Or better yet, match the colors of your design with the motif of your room. This way, you can use your self-made ceramic pot as a decoration. Fill your pot with lots of bright flowers. This could also bring the room to life. Make as many ceramic flower pots as you can. This is a great way of saving money for home decorations. These pots also make great gifts for your loved ones. Personalize the pots you’ll give out. Design them according to the receiver’s taste. They will surely love your gift!


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