How To Make Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are easy to make. Some pots are made with a pottery wheel. Some pots are made with just the use of the hands and the skill of molding. Once you have created the pot, just paint it with glaze to make it ceramic. It is really a very easy task to do. The materials that you need are easy to find, too. If you got the free time and have nothing better to do, make your own ceramic pots. This can be a fun project for you. You can even bond with your kids by letting them shape their own pots. You’ll see how enjoyable this task can be. Play an upbeat music in the background and start making your ceramic pots!

Here are the simple steps on how to make ceramic pots:

  1. Prepare what you need. These are the things that you need to make ceramic pots: water, kiln, clay and glaze
  2. Mold the clay. Get a pound of clay. Form it into a ball. Then wet your thumb and insert it in the middle of the ball. Keep wetting your thumb if the clay feels too dry.
  3. Pinch the clay. Hold each side of the clay. Pinch the sides while turning the clay. Then gently press it between your thumb and forefinger. Your thumb should be inside the clay and your forefinger should be positioned on the outside. Continue turning and pinching to even the pot shape and its thickness.
  4. Shape the clay. Form the clay into a pot. Bend the sides carefully. Smooth out the inside and outside parts of the pot with your fingers. Do simple carvings if you wish. This could be part of the pot’s design.
  5. Let the pot dry. After shaping the clay into a pot, set it aside to dry. The drying process should take about a week to finish. Let the pot dry in open air. Put the drying pot on a newspaper to avoid making a mess.
  6. Heat the pot. Put the dried pot in the kiln. Leave it for an hour to cook. Then take it out of the kiln after the hour is up.
  7. Glaze the pot. Let the cooked pot cool down for a while. Then paint the pot with glaze. Glaze the pot inside and out.
  8. Reheat the pot. Put the pot in the kiln after painting. Let the pot cook for another hour before you put it out of the kiln. Let it cool afterwards.

If you want to create more pots, just get more pounds of clay. Mold them according to the shapes you want. Just pinch and turn until you have completed the shape of the pot. You can even make other things from the clay. Create plates in fancy shapes or create just about anything you like. Heat them all up in the kiln after drying. Then glaze them with paint and viola! You have your own ceramic items!


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