How To Make Ceramic Tile Coasters

One of the easiest craft gifts to make is the ceramic tile coaster. Give it individually or in sets of four or more. It is the type of gift that is both personal and useful. Ceramic tile coasters can be used as coasters, paper weights, or as décor when put on a small stand or mini-easel. You can even use it as the base of a small flower pot or vase to keep watermarks or dirt off the table.


The materials you need will depend on how you want to decorate your tile coasters. The basic materials are:

  • Unglazed ceramic tiles – use 4”x4” or bigger
  • Adhesive felt, rubber or cork cushion dots
  • Materials for decorating the tile
  • Clear acrylic paint or sealant

There are a variety of ways to decorate tiles for use as coasters. You can use paint, rubber or acrylic stamps, stickers, colored markers or pens. Add glitter, faux gems and other embellishments to create dramatic tile coasters. Stenciling is also a great way to decorate plain ceramic tiles.

  • Design the overall look of the tiles. You can have identical tiles or create different looking tiles. Make sure you have the design of the tiles clear in mind. But it would be better on paper especially if you will have different designs to make. Your materials list will depend on the designs that you plan to do. At this point, you should make a list of all the materials you will need.
  • Purchase your materials based on your list from local craft stores or online. Make sure to buy extra tiles in case one or two break in the process of making the coasters. You may also find other interesting design materials in the store so feel free to get additional decorating tools and materials not on your list.
  • Prepare your materials and workspace. Wash your unglazed tiles with plain water to remove any dirt or dust that may be on the tiles. Dry your tiles thoroughly. Never work with moist tiles. While waiting for the tiles to dry, gather your other materials. Cover your workspace with old newspaper especially when working with paints, rubber or acrylic stamps, glitters and other materials that you don’t want on your work table.
  • Decorate your tiles. Go back to your design and begin decorating your tiles according to the method you have chosen. If you simply want to add embellishments, glue them to the sides and corners of the tiles only if the tiles are meant as coasters. The middle of the tile should be flat otherwise the glass, cup or mug will not sit straight on the coaster. If necessary, spray your final coaster with clear acrylic paint or spray sealant. This protects your ceramic tile coasters
  • Attach the cushion dots. Remove the dots from the paper backing and put one dot on each corner. The cushion dots, also sometimes called bumpers or feet, are added to the bottom of your ceramic tile in order to protect the table from scratches.

Ceramic tile coasters are great as holiday gifts, wedding favors, and birthday party giveaways. It is an all-around gift that you can make in less than a day. Wrap you ceramic tile coasters in nice boxes or tie them with a pretty ribbon. Don’t forget to add a tag and a nice dedication for the recipient. If you want, you can sign your name on the back of each tile coaster. After all, you are the artist.


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