How To Make Chess Pieces

Designs of chess sets can be pretty ordinary. The checkered chessboard and the wooden pieces are so plain. Why not make your own chess set? This is a great way to have fun while playing a very challenging game. Show your creative side by making your own chess pieces. Sounds complicated? Well, not really. You have several options to choose from anyway. So check out the information below then choose which one is the easiest.

Here are the steps on how to make chess pieces:

1. Think of a theme. Come up with a theme for your chess set. Be inspired by your favorite cartoons and its characters as your pieces. A zoo theme would be great, too. Your chess pieces will be the animals. Be creative when thinking of a theme.
2. Complete the pieces. Complete the chess pieces according to your chosen theme. Make two sets: one for the white side and another one for the black side. You can probably buy the characters for the pieces. You can also use old materials from your home. But if you are really very creative, get pieces of woods and carve them into your chess pieces. This is a complicated skill though. So you might reconsider this option. But if you really want to carve the pieces, here are the steps:

  • Select the wood. Choose among the woods like basswood, butternut or pine for the cheese pieces. Then purchase enough pieces to complete the chess set.
  • Cut the wood. Slice up the wood into pieces. The size should be based on the actual sizes of the chess pieces.
  • Carve the wood. You need a v-gouge knife for carving. Carve the wood and make it look like the real chess pieces. Be careful when carving. You might hurt yourself.
  • Sand the wood. After carving, get sandpaper with a coarse grit. Use this to enhance the carved details of the chess pieces. Then use a fine grit sandpaper to smoothen the pieces.
  • Varnish the pieces. This optional but recommended. Varnish the carved pieces. This helps smoothen edges that may still be rough. Set the varnished pieces aside to dry.

3. Create the chess board. If you are in such a creative mood, complete the set with a board. Design the chessboard according to your theme. You can use any material that has a flat surface. You can get a flat board and paint it or you can also use a plastic mat and turn it into a checkered chessboard.

A lot of us may just consider buying the chess set instead of making one. But for those who are talented enough to make one, kudos to you! Carving is the hardest if you choose that option to complete the chess pieces. But if you choose to use ready-made materials, then you should be able to complete the set in no time. So take out that chess set and have a great challenging game with your friends. Enjoy!


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