How To Make Christmas Container Candles

Deck the halls with Christmas Candles! Making Christmas container candles can be both fun, simple, and a great family activity. Give them away as the perfect gift or put them around your house to add a warm, festive glow for the holidays.

Choosing a container is easy. Use a hand painted little pail, a jar with ribbon, a holiday shot glass, or a festive coffee mug. If you are using any type of hand-painted container, make sure it is heat resistant. You will need your container, a wick of your choice, scissors, container blend wax, a wick bar or drinking straw, candle making basics, and fragrance oil and color as desired.

Make sure the container is completely clean, dry, and rid of dust. Place a small amount of wick stickum or glue in the center of the container and press the wick tab tightly to the bottom of the container. Wrap the end of the wick around a wick bar or drinking straw and lay the bar across the top of the container. This should keep the wick completely straight and centered.

Melt the wax in a pot until it reaches 180 degrees; add in fragrance oil and color if desired. Stir in the oils and color well and let the mixture cool to 160 degrees. Pour the wax, carefully, into the container until it is almost to the twisted portion of the wick. Set off to the side to cool and set.

After the wax has begun to cool, you may need to repour a small amount of left over wax on top, as the wax may shrink a bit. Let the wax set and fully harden. Do not touch the wax or it will cause a the candle's shape to be changed.

If you are using a clear or translucent container, you may like to add small holiday frills or small, heat resistant items to the inside of the candle. To do this, while pouring in the wax, pour in small increments and add your items before pouring the rest of the wax on top. This works best with white or clear wax and can create a more decorative candle.

Once the candle is hardened and has set, you can add ribbon, glitter, or a special note to the container to make it more personalized or festive. Be creative and make the Christmas container candle your own.

Enjoy your candles or give them to a special friend!


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