How To Make Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas Gifts

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Unfortunately, not all of us have the resources to buy the Christmas gifts that we wish we could buy for our loved ones. However, Christmas gifts are not all about money spent! In fact, many people prefer homemade gifts, because of the time and love involved. Here are some excellent ways to make Christmas gifts for your favorite people.

  1. Use your talents and hobbies. If you knit or crochet, this will be easy! People love homemade scarves and hats, as well as sweaters, baby blankets, socks, and slippers! For those who know how to sew, work on tote bags or purses. For jewelry makers, you're all set! Beaded necklaces and earrings or simple silver rings can be wonderful gifts.
  2. Cooking. Everyone loves food, especially at Christmastime! Make your friends and loved ones some Christmas cookies, pecan or apple pies, cranberry bread, or anything else you can think of! Or give them a gift certificate for a good meal, cooked by you.
  3. Cookie recipe jars. These are really fun. Take all of the dry ingredients for the specific recipe and add them in layers in a clear glass jar. Close the jar, decorate it with fabric, paint, ribbons, or anything else you can think of. Then attach the recipe. The jars not only make a wonderful homemade Christmas gift, but they look beautiful and make excellent conversation pieces.
  4. Photo albums. Take some of your old photos and arrange them in photo albums or frames. Choose photos that are meaningful to the person receiving the gifts. The frames or photo albums don't have to be expensive, as your friends or family will be excited to receive the gift.
  5. Cookbooks. Using old family recipes or recipes from around the world, type up a cookbook and self-publish it. Everyone will appreciate the time and energy you put into these homemade Christmas gifts, as well as the recipes!
  6. Gift certificates. Not the kind that you get from the store, make your own gift certificates for things like chores, meals, and babysitting! Time and actions speak louder than presents bought at the mall!
  7. Gift baskets. Take a few things that you know the recipient would like - soaps, tea bags, anything - and arrange them in a pretty basket with some cellophane or tissue paper and ribbon.

When it comes down to it, homemade Christmas gifts are always appreciated - for the time and energy put into them as well as the actual substance of the Christmas gifts. These Christmas gifts that you make are a great stand-alone gift or a wonderful addition to the gifts you have already bought.


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