How To Make Clay Poker Chips

Play poker with a twist! Make your own clay poker chips. Color and design them however you like. It’s really a very simple project to undertake. Are you ready? Then check out the steps provided.

Here are easy and simple steps on how to make clay poker chips:

  1. Create the center of the chip. A poker chip has a solid colored center. Roll a block of colored clay until you form a ball. Roll it in between your hands to form a cylindrical shape. Roll until its length is about 6-7 inches. Make sure the clay’s thickness is the size of a nickel’s diameter.
  2. Create the dotted lines. Roll out strips of white clay using a rolling pin. This should create the dotted lines just like on a regular poker chips. Roll the clay until it is thick enough to become the chips’ dots. Then cut the strips with the razor. Decide the size for the strip's width. The length should be equal to the cylinder.
  3. Attach the strips. Put the strips onto the cylinder clay. Attach the strips one by one. Leave gaps in between with equal spaces. Press the strips into the cylinder clay. Make sure no air pockets are trapped in between.
  4. Create the outer rim. Roll a block of clay using the rolling pin. Roll until the clay is as thick as a one-quarter inch sheet. Wrap the layer of clay around the cylinder in the sheet loosely. Overlap one edge of the sheet over the other. Then carefully cut through both layers using the razor. Remove the air pockets by pressing the clay sheet firmly onto the cylinder.
  5. Refrigerate the cylinder clay. Set the cylinder clay aside. Leave it to rest for a good 30-45 minutes. Then wrap the cylinder clay in a wax paper. You may also place it in a plastic food bag. Put the wrapped clay in the freezer. Leave it in for about 15 minutes.
  6. Slice up the cylinder clay. Take the frozen clay out of the freezer. Put marks for cutting using the ruler. Then use the razor to slice up the clay. Each sliced part becomes a poker chip.
  7. Design the chips. Rubberstamps can be used to put designs on the chip. Put each poker chip in between 2 commercial plastic chips and press them together. This should form the chip’s ridges. You could also add more decorations. Hand-paint the chip, or use rubberstamps dipped in oil-based embossing ink. Be creative when designing.

Complete the chips of a poker set using the clay. Clean your hands after completing one color set of chips. The clay’s color might mix with the next color set you will make. Make sure your tools are always clean, too. Lastly, wash your hands after you’re done with the task. You don’t want clays sticking to your other things when you touch them. You definitely wouldn’t want to taste clay when you eat with your hands.


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