How To Make Cloth Diaper Covers

Cloth diaper covers serve as waterproofing and support to your cloth diaper covers. Even if your diaper is super absorbent, there is still no guarantee on keeping you dry without a cloth diaper cover. To keep your baby's clothes and bedding dry, you need a cloth diaper cover. Not only it is environment-friendly, it is also convenient to mommies and comfortable for babies. You may have so much baby needs to spend on (such as milk, vitamins, etc.). You might not have extra budget to buy a number of cloth diaper covers to be used in rotation. So this could be solved by the easy steps below in making cloth diaper covers. All you need is a sewing machine and a little creativity!
Here are the steps on how to make cloth diaper covers:

  1. Make a pattern. Get a brown paper. Place it underneath the diaper. With the use of a pencil, create two patterns by tracing every lines and corners of the diaper. Don’t forget to mark to crotch line. You may also create another pattern if you plan to make another cloth diaper cover in the future.
  2. Duplicate the pattern. Cut the patterns then place them on a new brown paper. Connect the crotch lines by drawing new lines with a ruler. Trace these patterns to create a new pattern piece. Add at least half of an inch around the diaper cover pattern for the seams.
  3. Get the fabric. Check around your house for fabric that you don’t use anymore. Fabrics made out of fleece or wool is good. But fabrics with a layer of polyurethane laminated fabric (PUL) are the best for cloth diapers.
  4. Cut the fabric. Fold the fabric in the middle. Place it underneath the diaper cover pattern. Trace the pattern around the fabric. Then add a seam allowance of another half of an inch. Trace then cut the outer line of the pattern.
  5. Sew the fabric. Pin the two ends of the diaper cover together. Then start sewing along the inner line of the pattern using your sewing machine. Leave one end of the diaper cover open so you could turn it right side out. Sew to close the diaper cover by hand.
  6. Put fasteners. You can use nylon snaps, Velcro, Aplix, pins, buttons or ties as fasteners. Sew it onto the diaper cover by hand or with a sewing machine. Use Velcro to make the diaper cover adjustable. Sew a long strip of its fuzzy side around the diaper cover so that it extends from one side to the other.

It is always wise to consider the materials when making your own cloth diaper cover, especially the fabric. Of course you do not want to see rashes on your baby’s thighs. You may also put decorative materials. Embroider or sew little patches on the diapers. Put designs for a fancier look. So instead of spending your money on custom-made diapers, just make these cloth diaper covers for your baby. Happy sewing!


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