How To Make Clothes for Stuffed Animals

Tired of the usual clothes your stuffed animals are wearing? They may already be old and dirty. Make new clothes for your stuffed animals. Give them new looks. This will let your toys look cleaner, too. This is really very easy to do. Draw, cut and sew. And viola! You’ll have new clothes for your stuffed animals in no time at all. This could also be a profiting project for you so start making your stuffed animal's clothes now!

Here are the steps on how to make clothes for stuffed animals:

  1. Choose the stuffed animal. Select which stuffed animal you want to dress up. The clothes you will design will depend on the size and shape of the stuff animal
  2. Choose the clothes to make. Think of what you want the stuffed animal to wear. Shirts, dresses, and jumpers are just some of the clothes you can choose from.
  3. Make a pattern. Get a blank piece of paper. Draw out pictures of clothes you have in mind. Then make a pattern for the clothing. Get the size of the stuffed animal’s arms, legs, and head. Fold the paper in the middle. Make a front pattern for the clothing on the front side of the paper. Then make the back pattern, with the other half of the paper. Cut the pattern parts and pin them together. Then hold the pattern against the stuffed animal. See if it fits the size of the body of the stuffed animal.
  4. Choose and cut the fabric. Select the fabric for the clothing. Then pin the pattern on the reverse side of the fabric. Trace out the pattern. Then put at least ½ inch all around the traced pattern for the seams. Cut the fabric and once again, hold it against the stuffed animal for fitting.
  5. Sew the fabric. If the cut fabric fits the stuffed animal, it’s time to sew it. Sew the sides on the reverse sides of the fabric’s front and back sides. Then sew the edges of the arm holes, neck hole and leg holes (which ever is applicable for the clothing). You can use the sewing machine for sewing. Or you can just hand stitch the clothing. Iron the sewn clothing to flatten the sewn parts.
  6. Design the clothing. Once you are done sewing, you are ready to design the clothing. Put beads, embroider designs, or glue embellishments on the clothing.

When your clothing is ready, put it on the stuffed animal. Create various clothes for different looks. You can let your stuffed animals wear identical outfits. Or you can create his and hers clothing styles, too. Be inventive when making the pattern. Also, let your creativity show with the designs you will make for the clothes. You can even let your kids help you dress the stuffed animals up. Let them create their own skits. Then you can design the stuffed animals’ clothes depending on the theme of the skit. Enjoy and have fun!


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