How To Make Craft Boxes

Making your own craft box is a great way to let your personality shine and exercise creative control over your art project. The smooth surface of the box, in any shape or size, gives you a nice flat service to work with, making this vehicle a prime choice for decoupage projects.

The art of decoupage is to take images cut from photos or magazines and inlay them onto the box. You may wish to paint the surface area first to ensure there are no unsightly gaps between decorative pieces. Any craft paint will do, as the decoupage process will seal in the color and preserve the hue for years.

To begin, cover your box in one or multiple colors of paint. Let dry. When ready, cut your images to be transferred to the box. For greater accuracy, you may wish to make a rough draft of your photo compostition to get a master plan for sizing and color balance.

When all your pieces are ready for application, place them one at a time in your desired location and cover with quick strokes of decoupage adhesive. This is a fast drying solution and packs a powerful grip, even when wet. So, once you anchor the image with the glue, you will not be able to move or adjust the placement. In addition, be sure you have a wet paper towel to wipe your hands off before touching the next piece to be planted.

To ensure your art is free from creases and wrinkles, stretch the photo and quickly stroke with the paste to smooth out any bends. Then stroke from side to side the entire length of the box to give it a thick, glossy coat. All materials are now wonderfully preserved for ages in your sturdy hand-made decoupage box. And in true artist form, you may wish to add a signature on a colored piece of paper and secure it in the lower corner of the box.

These boxes make great gifts to family and friends, when you know the person well enough to customize the images to their life. However, before you present them with their treasured box, be sure to line the bottom of it to protect against scratching furniture. Take a piece of felt and cut it to the exact dimensions of the bottom of the box. Then, affix the felt with waterproof glue and let dry. If you are using a chest-type box, then you will only have to apply the felt to the feet.


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