How To Make Crafts Using Catalogs

There are many different forms of art. There are paintings, collages, drawings, sculptures, etc. If you are creative and you are looking for ways you can make art with the recycled materials that you have, one thing you can do is to make crafts using catalogs. This is one thing you can do if you want to keep the earth clean and green and also make wonderful art out of it. It is easy to make these crafts just as long as you have a creative mind. You can do these art activities with your friends or with your kids and you will surely have lots of fun.

Here are some of the crafts that you can make using catalogs:

  • Make a photo collage. One thing you can make with the catalogs is to make a photo collage. Cut out interesting pictures or letters on the catalog. You can make a completely different picture when you put all the letters and images together. You can use a cardboard as the background and get more colors in your photo collage by using art paper and other art materials. This is one good way of recycling the catalogs that you have.
  • Create a mosaic. Another thing you can do with the catalogs is to make a mosaic. Cut the catalogs into tiny little squares and see if you can create another picture using these colored squares. You may even choose to just glue the squares randomly so that you can come up with a wonderful abstract art. Another idea is to try to cut the catalogs out in different pieces so that you can have more ideas to work with.
  • Use cutouts in scrapbook. If you have a scrapbook or are working on one, what you can do is to use the cutouts from the catalogs and use them as decorations for the scrapbook. This is one way of getting decorations without having to buy them from the craft store. You can do this with colorful catalogs. Cut out the letters from the catalogs so that you can use them to spell out some words on your scrapbook.
  • Papier mache. Cut out the catalogs in smaller pieces and use them for your papier mache project. Most people who make papier mache use old newspapers for the base. You can use catalogs as the pieces for the papier mache, especially if they are colorful so that you can end up with a unique papier mache that you no longer need to paint.

These are some of the crafts that you can do with catalogs. The best thing to do to make these crafts easier is to collect all the catalogs that you get from shopping centers, groceries, magazines, newspapers, etc. Afterwards, you can cut them up and see which ones you can use. You can randomly cut them up or cut out shapes from them. Place them in a container so that you can easily get them out when you need them for an art activity. 


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