How To Make Crafts with Broken Crayons

One thing that you can do to lessen the clutter in your home is to recycle some of the items that you have. If you have children, chances are you have a lot of broken crayons stored at home. These broken crayons do not belong in the trash. There are a lot of things that you can do with these broken crayons. You will end up with colorful crafts that you can use as decorative items for your home.

Here are some of the things that you can do with broken crayons:

  • Melted crayon art. This is an activity that you can do with your children but make sure that you are careful so that they do not get burnt. Gather your broken crayons and get a candle. You will also need some paper for this activity. What you do is to melt the crayons just enough to get some drops on the paper. You can make fabulous works of art by doing this. You might even want to frame and display the items that you make.
  • Decorative items. Another decorative item that you can do with broken crayons is to make decorations out of them. What you will need for this activity are empty see through bottles and a sharpener. All you have to do is to sharpen crayons and use the sharpened pieces and put them inside the see through bottles. You can display these around your home. Use colors that will tie up with the theme of your home.
  • Sandpaper art. Create beautiful pictures with sandpaper art. Purchase some pieces of sandpaper and use the broken crayons to draw on them. You can draw images or just color shapes and other abstract. After you have finished drawing on the sandpaper, the next thing you have to do is to bake the sandpaper sheet. You can use a cookie sheet to contain the sandpaper and bake it in the oven in low heat for a few minutes until the wax melts. You will end up with a beautiful piece of art.
  • Candles. You can make colored candles out of the broken crayons and the white candles that you have. Just melt the white candles and the broken crayons so that you can make a mixture of the colors that you want combined with the white candle. You can even insert other items inside the candle, such as twigs, dried leaves, beads, etc. This will make the candle more interesting.

These are only some of the crafts that you can make with old and broken crayons that you have. Now, you won’t have to discard them. You will even have some new items that you can use as decorative items for your home. Before throwing out the items that you no longer need at home, make sure to think of some of the things that you can do with the items first. By doing this, you can have new items at your home without spending money. 


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