How To Make Crafts with Walnut Shells

Walnuts are trees that bear nuts that are can be eaten. These walnuts can be used as ingredients for cooking and baking recipes. If you have a lot of walnut shells at home, you might want to do some crafts with them instead of throwing them away. This is a good thing to do if you are a fan of recycling. Walnut shells are ideal for crafts as they are very durable and will last for a long time without cracking or breaking.

Here are a few ideas on crafts that you can make with the walnut shells that you are ready to throw out:

  • Strawberries. One of the things that you can do with walnut shells is to make them into strawberries. All you need for this project are some small beads that will act as the seeds for the strawberry, green felt for the leaves and some red paint for the body of the strawberry. Paint the shell red. Let the paint dry. Then, you can apply the tiny beads evenly on the outside of the shell so that you can have the seeds. Afterwards, you can cut out a leaf shape on the green felt and stick it on top of your strawberry.
  • Mouse. You can make two mice for every walnut shell that you have. Separate the walnut shell in two. You will need two beads for the eyes, two felt ears, a marker, a fishing line for the whiskers and some thread for the tail. Draw the nose of the mouse on the pointed tip of the walnut shell. Glue the beads for the eyes and the ears. Afterwards, you can glue a string at the rounded side of the walnut. Don’t forget to attach about six whiskers, three on each side.
  • Pumpkin. If it is Halloween, you can make some mini pumpkin decorations out of the walnut shells that you have. You will need orange paint, a black marker and a piping for the stem. First, paint the entire walnut shell entirely orange. Wait for the paint to dry. Afterwards, you can use the black marker to draw on the mouth and the eyes of the jack-o-lantern. Then, attach the piping on top of the walnut shell with a glue.
  • Collage. Make a decorative collage out of the walnut shells that you collected. You can use a canvas for this and paint it in the color that you want. Prepare the canvas and paint it as you want the background to be. Let the paint dry. Afterwards, you can use the shells and glue them on the canvas. You can also paint the shells in different colors if you want. You can also do this activity with kids.

These are some of the crafts that you can do with the walnut shells that you have at home. There are many other things that you can do. You just have to be resourceful enough and use some of the materials that you have to save some money.  


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