How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe papers have bright colors that give life to a dull space. You can make crepe paper flowers and decorate your home with them. They are cheap and easy to make, and you can also make it a project that you and your kids can do together. Crepe paper flowers also last a long time, although its colors can fade especially if it is placed outdoors. When it fades, then it is a good time to make a new set of crepe paper flowers.

You will need the following materials in making your crepe paper flowers:

  • Crepe paper, different colors, preferably red, yellow, white, pink and green
  • Colored straws
  • Thin metal wire
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Here’s how:

  1. Take a crepe paper and do not unfold it yet. Cut it in half crosswise—these will be formed later on to become the petals. If you want smaller petals, cut the flower colored crepe paper in three or four parts, crosswise.
  2. Cut the corners of the crepe paper into a round edge. You can also cut the corners out and make a spade shape if you want that shape for your petals. Once the edges have been cut, lay the crepe paper open at the tabletop.
  3. From the end of the crepe paper, roll it slowly and hold the bottom end of the petal together, and then secure the bottom portion with a wire. Hold the bottom and carefully open the petals from the outer petals first. You can create small yellow balls to place in the center of the flower to look like a stamen.
  4. Take the green crepe paper to create the leaves and the base of the flower. Cut out around an inch of green crepe paper crosswise. Cut strips half an inch from the edge of the green crepe paper and then lay it open on the tabletop, similar to what you did with the petals.
  5. Cover the base of the flower with the green crepe paper and secure it with sticky tape. You can use green plastic straws as the flower’s stem. You can also use the wire as the flower’s stem, but you need to cover it with green crepe paper after you have placed all the flowers and leaves.
  6. Cut out leaves out of the green crepe paper. Take three inches of wire and place it on top of a cut out leaf. Leave around one inch of wire exposed. Take another cut out leaf of the same size, cover it with glue, and stick it on the first leaf with the wire in between. Wind the exposed wire at the stem of the flower. Add more leaves, depending on how many leaves you prefer. After placing all the leaves, cut out a strip of green crepe paper and cover all the exposed wire with it. 

You can create as much flowers and leaves as you prefer. You can also create longer leaves that look like lemon grass or large ornamental plants. Also use assorted colors for the flowers.


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