How To Make Custom Labels and Tags

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There are literally a hundred uses for labels and tags.  They are not only used for identification, they are also great tools for organizing your belongings.  Whether it is ingredients for baking, segregating different colors of beads for your craft projects or labeling office folders, customized labels and tags are great for keeping your things neat, organized, identified and personalized!

By placing your contact information on a bag tag for instance, it would be easy to return the bag to you should it get lost. To add a special touch to a special gift, add a personalized gift tag!  Labels and tags are often used for:

  • Luggage and bags
  • Clothing items
  • Personal, school and office items like books, notebooks, folders, cellular phones, spice jars, cosmetics, CDs and DVDs and others
  • Containers of food items, craft tools, office supplies and many more
  • Envelopes to address letters and other correspondence
  • Gifts, and many more

Labels and tags can be made out of sticker paper or other types of paper and attached to an item using an adhesive.  You can also attach the tag to an item using a plastic loop.  It is easy to make custom labels and tags for any use and for all occasions.

Materials Needed

  • Computer and inkjet printer.
  • Software.  You can use even the most basic software to create your labels and tags.  MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher or Paint allows you to create custom labels and tags with a few key strokes.  These programs offer the use of different fonts, clip-art, graphics or shapes in creating single or multiple tags and labels. You can also download free label making software online like Print Studio Label Maker and Paper Label Maker.
  • Printable paper.  You can purchase printable paper from craft shops and office supply stores.  They come in different designs, colors and thickness.  Some even have different textures.  Sticker papers are great because it already has an adhesive backing.  Just print, cut, peel and stick.  You can also buy labels with adhesive backing that are pre-measured. Make sure to consult your inkjet printer for the different types and thickness of paper that it can accommodate.


With a bit of computer know-how, you can create beautifully customized labels and tags with even the barest of software programs.

  1. Select the computer software you want to use.  Design your label or tag.  When you are satisfied with the design, save the design to a file.
  2. Insert the paper following the printer manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Print the label or tag.  Use high-quality printing for a more professional look.  You may need to allow the ink to dry depending on the type of paper you used.
  4. Cut the labels or tags to size if necessary.
  5. Instantly use the labels or tags!

Making your own custom labels and tags is a great DIY project that is easy and fun to do.  Ordering labels and tags is more expensive.  You may also have lesser design options when ordering from a label maker.  To come up with a one-of-a-kind label or tag with your own personal stamp, all you need is the right paper, a computer, a printer, software and a bit of creativity.  You don’t have to pay for labels and tags ever again!


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