How To Make Custom Machine Embroidery Designs and Patterns

Machine for embroidery

Customizing your own embroidery machine designs and patterns can be a bit tricky, especially when this is something new to you.  The main goal is to transform any artwork into an embroidery pattern.  Transforming it is easy, but the process of cleaning the image and reformatting it to better suit the embroidery machine before making it into a perfect pattern can be challenging, but not impossible.  Thankfully, due to the wondrous age of computers, creating a design can make the job easier.  The trick is knowing how to do it properly.  With constant patience and determination, soon you can quickly change any images into your dream embroidery pattern.  Read on to learn how.

  1. First, decide which art you would want to use as an embroidery design.  Take note that the simpler the art is, the better.  The lines should be uncomplicated and easy to trace.  The fewer the colors, the easier to make it into one perfect pattern.  You can also create your own design by using your preferred graphic program.  All format should either be in JPEG or vector file.  Make sure it has high resolution for easy editing.  If you do decide to create your own design, see to it that it can be converted to different formats to ensure compatibility and quality.
  2. Start putting it to your embroidery software.  Do not forget that the image should be in recognizable format before you even try to load it.  It would be extremely helpful if you first read the program's manual to save time and effort in making unnecessary mistakes.
  3. Scrutinize the design on your computer.  Edit it if needed by cleaning the edges and contours.  Reduce the colors if necessary.  Again, the simpler the design, the better.  This is essential for you to do before you change the image to an actual embroidery pattern.  Once you have completely transformed it, you cannot modify it any longer.  So make sure you do all alterations and adjustments in colors, contrasts and lines from the very beginning.
  4. In order to manually edit and digitize your art properly, it would greatly help if you use an auto-trace feature on your computer.  That is if you have one.  Another option would be using an embroidery editing program.  You can download this on line.  Just keep on practicing until you perfect your brand new skill. 

Here are some helpful reminders:

  • Make sure you start with simple designs.  Clean uncomplicated lines and minimal color combinations would be perfect for any starters.
  • Carefully read and learn the manual and step by step instructions on your embroidery machine.  Do not take this for granted.  This will help you through every step of the way.  You can learn a lot of techniques and styles in digitizing patterns and designs.
  • Keep on practicing until you get it right.  Do not be afraid to make mistakes.  Learn from it and move forward.  This will quickly develop your skill, making you a pro in a short period of time.

Just follow these directions carefully and you will soon learn how to create a custom machine embroidery design and patterns.  Be creative and proficient by thinking out of the box at all times. 


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