How To Make Cute Wedding Shower Centerpieces

Wedding shower centerpieces are one of the best ways for you to decorate a shower. These are also some of the most exciting pieces to make and can be a fun venue for the couple and their close friends to bond before the wedding. If you want cute wedding shower centerpieces, here are ways to make your own.

Create a theme. Always begin by making a theme. This will allow you to unify the various design elements in the wedding shower. Keep in mind that the centerpiece will not be the only decorative element for the wedding shower. As such, you need to coordinate the various pieces by starting off with a central theme. The theme can be as simple the couple’s favorite color, which will keep the decorations well coordinated, or it can be a more elaborate theme – such as a Victorian wedding shower, or a Hawaiian themed shower.

Cake. Once you have the theme, the next step is to choose from a wide variety of centerpiece options .the cake is quickly growing in popularity as a centerpiece. You can have specially baked cakes for every table in the wedding shower. The cakes can be very simple, or can be three or four tiered miniatures of the wedding cake that you are planning to have. One of the best advantages of using a cake for the centerpiece is that you no longer have to worry about dessert. Cakes are both beautiful to look at and are tasty as long as you choose a good baker. You can also the tailor the taste of the cake to suit your favorite foods – choose blueberries for filling, or nuts, or whatever else tickles your taste buds.

Candles. For instant ambience and an elegant look for your wedding shower, use candles. Wedding showers that have the format of a traditional dinner can use decorative candleholders to emphasize the candles as the centerpiece. Or, you can also use large glass bowls that are filled with water. Place floating candles on the top and add a few rose petals. You can also use glass marbles to line the bottom of the bowl to create an elegant floating candle wedding shower centerpiece.

Flowers. Flowers are one of the decorative mainstays of the wedding shower. A twist to the usual bouquet is by purchasing cup-sized baskets and adding two or three small flowers bound in a ribbon with fillers like heather and fern. The centerpiece can be a larger version of the bouquet. One of the benefits of adding smaller bouquets for each guest is that the guests will be able to immediately feel your appreciation for their visit.

Champagne pyramids
. For a centerpiece that will lead to a long and fun night of partying after the shower, try a champagne pyramid. One of the tricks to making simple champagne pyramids is by using narrow but tall champagne flutes. You can choose not to fill up the center of the champagne pyramid and simple use a glass box or an upturned aquarium to fill in the pyramid.

With a properly selected weeding shower centerpiece, the mood and tone of the wedding shower can easily be established. You can also mix and match the various ideas to create something that suits your ideal wedding shower.


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