How To Make Daisy Centerpieces

For a picnic in the park or to add simple but beautiful accents for a family dinner together for the holidays, daisy centerpieces are a good choice. These flowers have a certain simplicity that is simply appealing for most people, and are versatile enough to work on a simple gathering, a picnic, or even a white themed wedding dinner.

Prepare the candles. You will need glass votive candle holders. The frosted variety is best since the frosting creates the look of glow on the candles. Use small votive candles. These votive colors come in a variety of colors. Choose a gentle color such as white or peach to complement the simple colors of a daisy.  Place the candles in the holder.

Add the daisy. Next, take a stem of daisy and cut out the leaves. Leave only two inches of stem from the flower, and use an adhesive tape to secure the flower onto the side of the candle holder. You can twist the flower sideways near the soft part of the stem just below the base of the flower. Tilting the daisy away from the fire will prevent accidental flower burns and will allow candle to complement the daisy, instead of simply being covered by the flower.

Add ribbons. Finally, cover the taped stem by adding ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the glass candleholder and create a simple bow. The candles can then be used as the centerpiece by making a set of candles and arranging them in the center of the table. Add a few unattached daisy flowers to the decoration to give it a natural look.

Create a daisy bouquet. Next, create your daisy bouquet by using a wicker basket with plant foam in the center. Remove the leaves from the stem of the daisy and then attach one bud in the center. Arrange other flowers into the bouquet, in a circular motion. Make sure to cut each succeeding stem at least a centimeter or two shorter than the last, so that the center daisy will stand tallest. Add in ferns and other small buds to complement the white of the daisy. Top off the bouquet with a simple white silk ribbon tied into an elegant bow, and add a few daisy buds on the table near the bouquet to create dimension for the bouquet centerpiece. You can also prop the bouquet on a small platform and surround the flowers with the daisy candles.

. To add accents for your daisy centerpieces, you can use daisy themed greeting cards to invite people to your dinner or your party. Simply take an image of the daisy from the web and add text using Microsoft Publisher to layout the design. Afterwards, print these and cut them out. You can also print small daisies in sticker paper to create daisy seals for the envelopes that you will use to mail the invitations.

For a simple and clean centerpiece that will not cost much and will not take much effort or time, the daisy is the ideal choice. Plucked straight from your garden or from a flower shop, daisies are also a welcome addition to the dining table décor.


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