How To Make Decorative Bottle Stoppers

Wine lovers who keep bottles in stock at home know that popping the cork does not mean having to finish the entire bottle. Take a few sips of your favorite wine during dinner or to relax after work, and leave the rest of the bottle fresh by using bottle stoppers. You can create decorative bottle stoppers to let you display your bottles of wine on the dining room. Here’s how.

Get a cork stopper. First, you need to find bottles with cork stoppers. Home décor shops have a variety of bottles to choose from. If you have a Wal-Mart outlet near your area, you can also search for inexpensive decorative bottles with bottle stoppers. The bottles should have a medium sized opening that will make it easier for you to transfer liquids into the bottle. Get a design that you like and which will go well with the type of bottle stopper design that you are thinking of.

Purchase a drawer pull. In most hardware shops, there is a selection of drawer pulls. These drawer pulls come with a screw that will allow you to place the drawer pull onto a cabinet. These, however, can also be used on cork stoppers. Use the screw to create a channel in the cork, and then tighten. Be sure, however, that you choose a drawer pull that is small enough for the cork stopper. If the drawer pull is too large, it will give the bottle stopper an awkward look. Look for drawer pulls that will complement the bottle. Try darkly stained and highly polished wood drawer pulls to complement a simple crystal bottle.

Attach hat pins and beads. You can also purchase hat pins. Create a channel in the cork stopper and place the hat pin in the slot. Then, take some decorative items such as beads and use these to decorate the tip of the hat pin. Decorate the hat pin with an array of beads. Beaded designs work especially well for hat pins since these have small caps at the tips that will keep the beads from sliding off.  Use glue to keep the hat pin tightly secured in place. Make sure, however, that the beads are not bulky enough to make the bottle stopper difficult to use.

Glue on decorative elements. Some bottle stoppers have flat surfaces where you can attach a wide variety of decorative objects such as buttons or even silk flowers.  You can add a quick elegant design for your bottle stoppers by adding in fine and darkly colored tassels that will complement the sparkling white crystal bottle. Some will even glue old coins on the surface of the bottle stopper, or small pieces of crystal and glass stones. An interesting way to decorate your glass bottle stopper is by piling up glass stones on the stopper, and using strong glue to keep the pile in place. This will simulate the look of piled stones in Zen gardens.

Once the decorative bottle stopper is made, display your bottles around the house and drink your favorites in style while keeping your beverage fresh and spirited. You can also fill in the decorative bottles with water tinted with food coloring, if you simply want to add display items in your home.


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