How To Make Decorative Oil Candles

Decorative oil candles are not only great additions to your home, but can also be used as gifts for your friends. The scent of the oil candles can easily fill the room once you light them and depending on the fragrance you choose, you can set the appropriate mood in any room of the house. Is it possible to make your own decorative oil candles? The answer is yes and you can do it by simply following the steps below.

Things you need. You will need 5 ounces of beeswax, 1 ounce of essential oil of your choice, candle wick, double boiler, glass jar, silk flowers, ribbon, glass jars, and decorative accents. If you want to create oil candles with various scents, you can get several kinds of essential oil. You may need to get additional beeswax and one ounce for every essential oil you plan to use. These things will cost you a fraction only as compared to purchasing oil candles from stores.

Melt the wax. Get your double boiler and place beeswax on top. Put the boiler over the stove and use only medium to high temperature until the wax melts.

Add fragrance. For every pound of wax, you are only allowed to use a maximum of 1 ounce of the essential oil. You can start with only a drop but you can increase it depending on the strength of the scent that you want to create.

Molding the candle. Pour the melted wax into a glass jar. Make sure that you put the wick at the middle of the wax before it hardens completely. Check the wick to ensure that it doesn’t move from its place.

Decorate. Get the decorative accents like the silk flowers and ribbons. You can now decorate each of the jars according to your taste or preference. Be creative so that you can make beautiful decorations. You can even add photo labels if you plan to give it as a gift to a friend or loved one. Make sure that you allow the wax to cool completely – it will take about two days. Send it as gifts when it has already cooled completely. After the time frame, you can now use the candle at home or even in the office.

Additional tips. There are different essential oils available in the market and each of the oils has their own purpose. For instance, if you want to relive stress, you can use valerian oil, mace extract, or nutmeg whereas if you want to relax, you can opt for lavender and bergamot. Pick the essential oils carefully since the scents can have different effects to the body.

These are the basic steps and procedures on how to make decorative oil candles. It might take time before you can use the candles or give it as gifts but it’s worth the wait. It’s up to you to choose the scents of the candles but make sure that you follow ratios for the wax and essential oil otherwise the candles can produce very strong odors.


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