How To Make Decorative Personal Address Labels

If you’re one of those people who prefer to send postal mail instead of using email, you may want to make decorative personal address labels. The address labels can help you save effort and time, as you will simply attach the labels on the envelope rather than writing the address for each letter that you send. It’s up to you to choose the design – you can use photos, emblem or color schemes. The labels show your personal style so be careful when choosing the design.

What you need. You need label sheets, printer, clip art files, and word processing program. It’s much easier to create the labels if you have a computer and printer at home. The label sheets can be purchased from computer shops and local stores. A bit of knowledge in using the computer can put you at an advantage.

Creating the label. Open the program and use the right spreadsheet depending on the labels that you want to create. Check the label package for the dimensions and size. You can also use the code that matches to the program.

Designing. When the spreadsheet is open, you can access the clip art section and pick at least two. Place the design over the label space or you can also add some background coloring. You can adjust the size of the clip art using the minimize/maximize tools. You can pick a solid color for the background. Pick the appropriate font as well as font color. Type your name and address including the state and postal code. Open the printer and place the label sheet. You can test print first and if you’re satisfied with the results, you can now print the full sheet. Don’t touch the surface of the sheet because the ink is still wet. If you do, the ink can blot.  

Additional tips. It would be best to pick only one solid color. Too much decoration on the address label is not good because the post office or postman will find it hard to decipher what is written on the label. Using quality label sheets is also an advantage. You can print as many labels as you like depending on your needs. The design of the address label will reveal a lot about your personality. If you are going to use the address labels for business purposes, make sure that it appears professional. Try to include the company logo as well and a contact number. Don’t make use of a colorful and fanciful design for business address labels because this can cause a negative impression for your company. However, if you are using it to send your personal mails, you can make the design as colorful or attractive as possible as long as the words don’t appear blurry.

Address labels should be designed appropriately. Determine the purpose of the decorative personal address label first. Business labels need to be a bit more formal, for example. When you need to send mail, just peel the sticker off and put it on the envelope.


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