How To Make Decorative Pillows

Pillows are the comfortable way to spruce up a room. These items can be placed on the couch, on the bed, or on the dining room chairs to add support and cushioning in a room. If you are thinking of decorating your home inexpensively, use decorative pillows. Here are ways to make decorative pillows.

Cut the fabric. Choose fabrics that are strong but comfortable, and which come in the pattern, print and color of your choice. The fabric will add a lot to the design of the decorative pillow and should be chosen carefully. Experiment with pre-treated cotton, suede or satin. Keep the room in mind when choosing the pillow. Decorative pillows for children or teens rooms can be made out of denim, which is very strong but also very tough. Cut the fabric into the desired shape and size.

Connect the sides. Reverse the fabric so that the back ends are facing outwards. Then, use double back stitches to sew the sides. Leave one side open where you will place the zipper. Once the sides have been stitched into place, turn the pillow cover inside out. You can add another line of stitching running through the three closed sides of the pillow, to strengthen the stitching and to emboss the edges of the pillow.

Add designs. Next, add the designs for the pillow. You can add fringes by sewing on lace onto the border of the design, or superimpose another layer of fabric into the top of the pillow case. Use buttons, ribbons, and other materials to work a design into the pillow cover. You can also add a single large button sewn into the center of the pillow. Lump a small amount of fabric into the center of the button so that the pillow will form the pinched look that decorative cushions have.  Consult home décor magazines to get ideas on various pillow designs.

Add the zipper. Take a zipper set that fits into the mouth of the pillow cover. Fold the edge of the pillow cover a quarter of an inch, and then sew one side of the zipper into one lip of the pillow cover. Make sure that the pillow lies just below the cover. Do this for both sides, and then check whether the pillow will close or not.

Add the stuffing
. Since you are working on a custom sized decorative pillow, you have the option of either using pre-made pillow filling that will fit into the cover, or you can create your own stuffing if there are no pillow fillings that come in the size that you need. Pillow stuffing is available in most home supply shops. Take a length of cotton and cut it into the same size as the pillow cover. Sew on the sides, and add stuffing before closing the final side. Place this inside the decorative pillow case and close the zipper.

Make as many decorative pillows as your room needs. One of the major advantages to using decorative pillows is that you will be able to duplicate these for a thematically decorated room, or you can create various designs for an eclectic look.


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