How To Make Decorative Recycling Containers

The need to recycle has never been as urgent as now. The dwindling natural resources of the planet call on everyone to minimize the use of precious resources through recycling. To make recycling much more fun to do, decorate recycling containers with your children. Adding designs will help fit the containers into your home, and will create venues for you to talk to your family about the values of recycling.

Choose the bin. First, choose a plastic or metal bin that will be used for recycling. The number of bins that you will use depends on the type of waste that your household regularly generates. The usual household can do well with three bins for plastics, glass, and paper. If you regularly throw away other items such as electronic parts and batteries, on the other hand, you will need a separate bin for these items.

Add decorative signs. Next, add decorative signs on the recycling bins. Choose materials that best represent the waste that is being recycled in the bins. For example, you can use cardboard to create the sign for the paper recycling bin. Take old cardboard and cut this into a sign. Use paint to add the text for the sign. You can even shred old newspaper bits and then form this into pulp that you can use to sculpt the triangle of arrows that symbolize recycling. This is particularly useful if you are undertaking the decorative recycling containers as a family project with small children.

Decorative signs for plastics and glass. For the plastic and glass recycling containers, take an old soda bottle made from colored plastics. Carefully create strips out of the bottle by using a cutter. Arrange these strips of plastic into a sign on the surface of the recycling bin. Old soda bottle plastic will have naturally curving shape, which can make it difficult to use the plastic strips. Run the plastic near a lit candle to soften the plastic, just enough to make the strips easier to use. Remember not to melt the strips, however. Also, do not place the strips directly over the fire, since this will add soot onto the plastic. For the glass recycling bin, you can take a small mayonnaise or peanut butter jar and attach this into the side of the bin. Write down the sign on paper, and place this in the jar.

Designate a spot in your home. Finally, look for a strategic position at home where you can place the decorative signs. You can place these near the garage or outdoors. You can also place the containers in places where plenty of recyclable materials are found, such as the kitchen where plenty of bottled goods are consumed. Add small labels in the recycling bins to indicate the dates when the bins should be emptied.

Through these steps, making recycling more enjoyable for your family can be achieved. Depending on your location, you can even sell or exchange the recyclable materials for a few dollars or for other rewards.


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