How To Make Decoupage Magnets

Almost everyone was taught how to make basic decoupage artwork during pre-school. Although decoupage does not always look good on all types of items that can be decorated, magnets for the fridge look especially good when decorated with decoupage. Here’s how.

Prepare the paper. Take an assortment of papers and cut these into the shapes that you want. To make your decoupage even more interesting, create three layers of papers – the foreground decoupage layer, the background decoupage layer, and the center. The center will hold the key elements for the design. For instance, if you are creating a decoupage design of a flower, place a background of blue first, and then add the flower, which is then followed by the grass cut out in the front. Use a variety of papers in different colors and textures to add spice to your decoupage creation.

Add decoupage medium onto the glass marbles. The base for the magnets will be glass marbles. These are available in most arts and crafts shops. Choose the glass marbles that cleaved in half. The flat surface will be used to attach the marble onto piece of magnet. The curved side will hold the decoupage. Begin by cleaning the surface of the glass with a piece of cloth. Once this is done, take decoupage medium and liberally apply a layer onto the top of the glass marble. Make sure that you are working on a table that is covered with old newspaper sheets, to keep decoupage medium from dripping onto the table.

Apply decoupage elements. Next, take the cut outs that you have made and slowly place this into the surface of the glass. Use the same brush that you have used to apply the decoupage medium to flatten the piece of paper into place. Once the background layer has been placed, add a thin layer of decoupage medium and then proceed to attach the next layer. Do this until the design is complete, before finishing off the glass surface with a final layer of decoupage medium to seal in the paper.

Let dry. The decoupage should be allowed to dry for a couple of minutes or an hour. This will depend on the complexity of your decoupage art work. Basic designs will dry out in a few minutes, while complex designs with several layers have more decoupage medium and will take more time to dry. You can use a blow dryer to hasten the drying process. Once the decoupage medium has dried out, take a scissor a cutter and trim the excess paper on the edges of the glass.

Attach to the magnet. Finally, take some strong glue and use it to attach the magnet onto the paper. You can use Loctite or epoxy to glue the magnet onto the flat back of the glass marble. Let the glue dry.

Now that you have your own decoupage magnets, you can add notes onto your white board or the fridge using well designed magnets that combine décor and function. Create as many as you like, and use these to decorate the empty surface of your fridge or white board.


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