How To Make Decoupage Paper

Decoupage is an art that has been around since the 18th century. This type of art is now mostly used in scrapbooks and other memorabilia. Decoupage means decorating an item with various cutouts of paper materials and other objects. After several patches of paper have been glued on the item, it is then painted with varnish to seal the design in. It is varnished in plenty of layers. After this, the varnish is polished as a finishing touch to the item that is designed.

If you are interested in this classic form of art, you can make your own decoupage paper by following the simple steps below:

  1. Materials. The materials that you will need for this project include pieces of paper with different designs, acrylic pain in beige, acrylic gel, a couple of paintbrushes, a foam paintbrush, sandpaper and mod podge. You can find these materials from your local arts and crafts store. Choose the thinnest paper that you can get. Thin paper works well with this type of project.
  2. Age your paper. To give your paper an aged look, the easiest thing you can do is to paint over it with the beige acrylic paint. Other procedures you can do to give paper an aged look are painting over it with coffee or soy sauce. These methods may leave your papers with a smell so it is best to stick with the beige acrylic paint.
  3. Adding the antique look. Decoupage paper needs to have that antique look. You can achieve this by using the acrylic gel to get a wear and tear look around the edges of your paper. You can do this by fanning out the paint brush and lightly brushing acrylic gel on the edges of your papers. Make sure that you have uneven smudges to make the look more authentic.
  4. Making decoupage. Now, choose the item that you want a decoupage design on. This may be anything from a jewelry box to a journal cover. Cut out the paper that you did earlier when it is already dry. Make the pieces uneven. Get your mod podge ready as this will be used as your adhesive. Arrange your decoupage on your item and use a paintbrush to glue it. You can use the sponge brush to cover the decoupage paper so that you won’t leave brush strokes. Do this all around the object that you are trying to cover. Let the object dry.
  5. Finishing. When your object is dry, use the sandpaper to even out the surface. After sanding, put another coating of the mod podge. After it dries, sand it down again. Do this until you already have the look and texture that you want. Having several coatings of the mod podge will protect the paper.

These are the steps on how you can make decoupage paper and decorate your items with it. You can choose different types of paper to achieve a look that you want. The process is easy once you get the hang of it.


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