How To Make Deployment Bracelets

Many people have purchased deployment bracelets over the Internet because they believe that it sends out a strong message of supporting a loved one serving far away from home. Apart from purchasing them, however, one can easily make deployment bracelets and even add personalized messages.

Gather ideas. It is best to start the activity by trying to get an idea on how you would like your deployment bracelet to look like. Red, white and blue are but just some of the simple and basic bead suggestions for this craft. Should you feel limited when it comes ideas, perhaps it will help to browse over catalogs or internet sites where you may see varying designs of deployment bracelets. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions. You don’t want to copy someone else’s work. Let your imagination run wild and the options are endless.

Visit the craft store. With your concept ready, visit the craft store to get all the materials you need in creating this lovely work. Bring a pen and a pad for you to take note of the things you intend to buy and mark off the items that you have at hand. Make sure that you have a bead wire, locks, charms and beads. Have a cutter, tape measure and nose pliers handy for crafting likewise.

Prepare the materials. Gather the materials you will use and put them on top of your crafts table or work area. Make a measurement of the wrist. Add two inches to the measurement to leave extra space in the wire to attach your clasp to lock or for you to be able to tie the bracelet to a knot. Make two lengths of beading wire to this measurement.

Start threading. Get the two lengths of bead wire that you’ve cut, place them together and use it to thread the letter beads together. Slide the letter beads and put them at the center of the wire.  Separate the wires on both sides of the letter beads once you have formed the name. Add a touch of design by placing a red, white and blue bead at both ends of each wire. Fill up the extra bead wire space by sliding in the white beads. Stop adding beads when about an inch of bead wire is left.

Tie the bracelet. You have options of either tying the ends of the bracelet into a knot or placing a lock to it. Either way, make sure that it is secured and that your beads are in place.

Accessorize it. This can be done by adding a charm that is significant to the person in service. There are a number of charms to choose from: airplanes, ships, helicopters, hearts and so on. Open the ring of the charm using the pliers and place it in the bracelet loop. Secure it by closing the ring.

A deployment bracelet is indeed a good gift or giveaway to someone you know is in service. Military relatives have drawn inspiration and strength from deployment bracelets. Wearing a beautiful piece around one’s wrist proves to be a good way of showing support whilst keeping the loved one in mind.


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