How To Make Dice Cups

There are plenty of games that make use of dice. For many cultures and countries, dice by themselves constitute the game. One of the basic tools that you need to play a dice game, however, is the dice cup. Make your own using inexpensive materials. Here’s how.   

Choose the cup. Generally, the dice cup is any cup that has no handle. Small cups are usually used for the game, such as those that will hold only eight or ten ounces of liquid. These cups should be lightweight but sturdy. If the cup of your choice has a handle, remove this using a file. Usually, plastic or wooden cups are used, instead of ceramics or glass cups.

Cut the corkboard. One of the major goals that the dice cup should be able to meet is to muffle the sound of the dice when you are shaking these into the cup. To minimize sound, you should add a layer of corkboard on the interior bottom of the cup. Measure the corkboard to the approximate size of the inside of the cup by tracing the bottom of the cup on the corkboard using a pencil. Take a small paper cutter and use this to cut the corkboard. Make the corkboard cutout a few millimeters smaller than the sketch since you will need to make some allowance for the size of the cup walls.

Add corkboard. To attach the corkboard into the bottom of the cup, use rubber cement. Put a small dab on the center of the cup and on three or four corners of the corkboard. Press this firmly into place. Apart from rubber cement, you can also use hot glue, although some types of cork are very sensitive and will melt a bit when in contact with fresh hot glue.

Make the cover. Next, make a cover for the dice cups. The cover should be something that is thick enough to muffle the sound of the dice, as it is benign shaken inside the cup. Foam sheets are excellent for this, and will make the dice cup comfortable to hold. You can also use other fibers and fabrics. Cut the fabric so that it will fit around the cup. Use hot glue to secure the cover in place.  You can also decorate the cover using buttons, ribbons, and spare pieces of fabric that you can use to create a design. Keep the design simple, or go wild with colors and shapes. The types of games that you play with dice will determine the design.

Add felt. Finally, cut a strip of felt so that it will fit snugly in the inside of the dice cup. Use glue to secure the felt strip in place. Try to shake the dice cup several times so that you will be able to check whether the sound is muffled enough. If the cup material produces plenty of noise, add more felt.

Let the glue dry. After several hours, you will have a dice cup, which you can use for board games with family and friends.


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