How To Make Dining Tables

Home furnishing can take its toll on your pockets. One of the most expensive furniture pieces that you will have to buy for your home is the dining table. For crafty people who are ready for DIY projects, you can save money by making dining tables. Here’s how you can make a dining table yourself.

Prepare the table parts. Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, but the basic parts are the legs and the tabletop. You can various materials for the table top, such as old wooden doors and other flat surfaces. You can also purchase a sheet of wood and cut this to the dimensions that you want. The tabletop can be rectangular like the traditional dining tables, or square to fit the compact homes today. Cut the table using a saw, and then use a sander to brush the edges to a smooth finish.

Add legs. Once the table top is prepared, the next step is to mount these onto legs. One of the simplest legs that you can use for a table top are turned spindles. The major advantage to using turned spindles is that these are readily available in most hardware stores. Apart from turned spindles, you can also reuse the wooden legs from other furniture pieces such as old tables or stools. To add the legs, turn the table top over and measure two pairs of parallel lines that are at least half a foot into the corner of the table. Use screws to secure the legs onto the table. You can also take wood blocks, which will be nailed to form a box around the legs, to add support for the legs. Other variations to the four traditional table legs are cable reels. Cable reels are large circular structures where most tabletops can be placed. Add screws to keep the table balanced, although small tabletops may no longer need support from screws.

Add stain. To create elegant dining tables from scratch, make the wood texture and grain stand out by using stains. Tung is one of the oldest types of wood stains that are used to waterproof wood. This can be purchased in hardware stores or in specialty shops. Add a thick layer of Tung onto the wood and use a piece of clean cloth to brush down the oil. Use at least two layers of Tung on the wood, and leave overnight. The wood should absorb the Tung layer. Let the wood cure for a few days before using it on a daily basis.

Add lacquer. For the finishing touches, you can add lacquer apart from the wood stains. Tung will keep the table waterproof, but even Tung stained wood will not hold up to constant use. Lacquer finishes will help keep the Tung stains in place for a longer period of time. There are lacquers that are available on spray cans, which are easier to use for do it yourself projects.

Once the wood has cured, set the table in your dining room and enjoy your meals in a furniture piece that you have made yourself using inexpensive materials and a little effort. A DIY dining table may not be an heirloom piece, but it is definitely one of the most fun pieces to have and put together.


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