How To Make Doll Accessories for Barbies

Every girl dreams of owning her very own Barbie doll collection complete with fashionable and trendy accessories such as clothing, shoes, bags and other add-ons in all kinds of shapes colors, styles and sizes. While there are tons of options available in the market today, most accessories available for Barbie dolls are either expensive and costly or not sold separately. Fortunately, there is a way to go about that. Continue reading this article on how to create doll accessories for your Barbie dolls. Not only do you get to save some money but you’ll give your Barbie dolls unique pieces that other collectors can never find!

  • Make a bottle of perfume for your Barbie. Just like grown-up women, Barbie dolls need their own scents and fragrances to match their personalities. Give your Barbie a wonderful bouquet scent by going through your personal collection of beads and pick out those made of glass or transparent plastic. To make a bottle of perfume, simply attach two or three beads on top of each other using some bonding adhesive to keep them from pulling apart. Place the makeshift perfume on top of your doll’s dressing counter and voila! She’s sure to add some fragrance into any room she walks into.
  • Make scarves, shawls or blankets for your Barbie. To do so, you’ll need to ask someone who has experience in knitting or crocheting. You can also try doing them yourself; you might be able to whip up other neat accessories in the future with some knowledge in the art of sewing. Since Barbie dolls aren’t exactly big in size, you’ll need to extend the same kind of sizing in terms of the needle, thread and yarn you decide to use to make a blanket, shawl or scarf. Whatever color or pattern you decide on, use the smallest needles and threads to go with it.
  • Make trays for your Barbie to serve food and drink to guests. Barbie dolls make excellent hostesses. A hospitable host, create a service tray that your Barbie can use to pass around snacks and drink to houseguests and friends. Search your home for some empty bottles and remove the caps on each of them. Turn them over and presto! Instant service trays! If you want to design them individually, you are free to bring out some paintbrushes and paint and get artistic.
  • Make some paintings and other wall decor for your Barbie’s home. Blank walls are boring walls. If you want them to come alive, get ready to add some color! Cut out little printed thumbnails by resizing pictures of actual paintings with an image program on your computer. Attach some double-sided tape on the back and paste them on the walls of your Barbie’s home. If you wanted to, you can also cut out some cardboard in the same size to give it a solid base. You can also do this with pantry items such as canned goods, cereal boxes, sodas, juices and the like.
  • Make clothing accessories for your Barbie. To make hats, simply cut out a piece of cloth from any pattern of your preference and use some bonding adhesive to paste the cloth onto the front of a button. Make use of other detail like sequins, feathers and glitter to put on top of your Barbie’s hat if you wanted to. There are so many options to choose from and so many ways to get creative. Just remember the golden rule: use your imagination and have fun!


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