How To Make Doll Clothes

Small children and dolls are usually inseparable. For small kids, dolls are more than just toys – these are also comfort symbols that will allow the child to soothe herself and calm down. Dolls are also one of the ways through which small children expand their imagination.  Instead of buying doll clothes from the shop, however, you can make your own doll clothes. This option will help you to both balance your budget and keep your kid happy.

Copy the pattern. The first step is to find a pattern that you like for the doll clothes. If you have no prior experience in sewing, it is best for you to start off with simpler clothing designs such as pants and shirts. The more elaborate costume pieces, such as dresses, can be made when you have already learned how to scale down basic patterns. The patterns can be downloaded from the web. You can also use tailoring magazines where patterns can be found.

Reduce. The next step is to scale down the pattern to fit an 11.5 inch doll, which is the usual size for a Barbie. Other dolls have different proportions, which you should take into consideration. For the basic Barbie doll clothes, make sure that you add allowance for the chest, and reduce the waist.  You should also add more length for the pants since Barbie has very long legs. Once you have modified the pattern, use the photocopying machine to reduce the pattern down to the desired size.

Choose your fabrics. Next, choose the fabrics that will go well with the clothing pattern. If you do not want to add too many embellishments for the clothes, you can choose fabrics that come with patterns and designs that will not require detailed designing. Make sure to choose the lightest fabrics that will look natural on dolls. Thick fabrics will look very bulky. Also make sure that you have already washed the fabric, since washing doll clothes can be difficult because of the small parts.

Use the pattern. Use the pattern to cu the fabric into the needed shapes and sizes. Use tailor’s chalk to sketch the outlines of the pattern, and carefully cut the fabric. Unlike tailoring for normal sized clothes, there are few mistakes that can be made with a doll outfit. If you make a mistake, it will be difficult to patch the tears and the best option is usually to start anew.

Sew. Once the pattern has been copied onto the fabric, sew the parts. The sewing machine is the best way to sew doll clothes since hand sewing such small pieces can be very difficult. Use the double stitch to create durable doll clothes. For small parts that require zippers, improvise by using very small Velcro strips instead. It is best to keep the doll around while sewing so that you can adjust the pieces of the fabric to fit the doll perfectly.

Once you have made your first T-shirt and jeans for the dolls, you can move on to more difficult pieces such as dresses, skirts, and jackets. You can also begin to add fine details such as tassels, buttons, and other embellishments.


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