How To Make Doll House Accessories

Half the fun in keeping dolls and doll houses is accessorizing the house to make it as realistic as possible. There are plenty of details and accessories that are available in the market, but the price tag can be pretty large even for the smallest doll houses. If your child is hankering for doll house accessories, make your own using resources that are available right at home.

Lamps. Lamps for the doll house can be made using party skewers, glue, spools, and bottle caps. Take the bottle caps or the spools and puncture a small hole. You can use a small metal clip that has been heated over a flame to create the hole. Next, insert the party skewers into the hole and use hot glue to secure the skewers into place. Use various bottle caps in different colors to add variety to the lamps. Create the base by gluing the skewers onto a square peg, such as an old keyboard piece.

Carpeting. For the carpeting, you can use colored paper. Cut these into the dimensions of the doll house and use glue to keep the paper sheets in place. Use papers that come in various colors to bring color into the carpeting. If you want more texture for the carpeting, you can use actual fabrics. Old drapery usually looks like miniature carpet when placed in doll houses, and can be salvaged from stained draperies that you no longer use.

Photographs. Photographs are great accents for any home, including the doll’s own home. You can easily create your own photographs by cutting out small images from magazines. If you find no images in magazines that you like, you can print out images from the web. An advantage with the web is that you have plenty of choices – just type the image or scene that you want on a search engine and download the photograph. Use cardboard strips to create the frame, and use a dot of glue to clip the frames onto the doll house wall.

Hangers. Even dolls can have massive wardrobes, especially if you tailor your own doll’s clothes from scratch. The best way to organize a doll’s wardrobe is by using hanger made from paper clips. Simply bend the paper clips into a small triangle with a little bent hook. You can then hang these onto wires that are glued into small boxes or tins that act as the closet.

Curtains. Add color on the windows by using curtains. Curtains can be made by cutting small chunks of fabric into rectangles that fit into the doll house window. Take a firm piece of wire and bend the edges. Glue the edges on top of the windows and drape the curtains into place. You can also use small ribbons to tie the curtains up and let air and sunlight into the doll house.

The key to making accessories for doll houses is to use the materials that are available in your own home. There are plenty of small items that will look perfectly at home in a doll house when tweaked a bit.


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