How To Make Doll Shoes

One of the biggest problems parents face is the doll that has lost its shoe. Buying separate shoes for dolls is usually impossible because shoes are not sold individually. If you do not want to purchase a new outfit just to get shoes for the dolls, making your own is the easiest way to keep your child happy, the doll’s feet clean, and your wallet intact. Here’s how.

Trace the foot outline. Begin by tracing the outline of the foot onto a piece of felt. Use a pencil to follow curve of the foot, and try to stick as close to the foot as possible since a few millimeters off mark can already make the shoe look too large and bulky for small dolls. Keep in mind, however, that these doll shoes are only for flat footed dolls. Barbies are designed to stand on high heels, and will require separate shoes.

Cut the upper parts of the shoe. To create the upper sections of the shoes, you need to create straps or half circles. These are the basic combinations that will allow you to create a wide variety of foot wear.  The half circle will be placed in front of the shoes to hug the toes. The straps will be used to keep the shoes secured onto the ankles. You can make the half circles elongated into oblongs to make shoes that cover the entire feet.

Add soles. To add the soles for the shoes, take the piece of felt and attach a piece cork that has the same size as the felt. You can use a dab of glue to attach the pieces. If you have no corkboard pieces available, simple take cardboard that has been glued into another layer of cardboard. This will be strong enough for any walking or jogging that a doll can possibly undertake.

Glue on the pieces. Glue the upper sections of the shoes with the soles to create the entire shoes. Keep the doll handy while you are creating the shoes so that you will be able to modify the shoes to fit the doll feet. If the shoes are too loose, you can use a bit of tissue stuffed at the toes of the shoes to keep the shoes tightly on the doll’s feet. Some will even glue the shoes onto the doll to keep this permanently in place. If you decide to change footwear for the doll, simply use detergent to clean off the glue stains on the bottom of the doll’s feet.

Decorate. Even kids know what a pretty shoe looks like, and you will get points for decorating the shoes. This can be done by cutting ribbon into very small strips. These very small strips can then be used to create very small bows that will fit on the shoes. You can also glue on beads and buttons to work as accents for the doll shoes.

Once you have mastered the steps to creating doll shoes, you no longer have to worry about dolls that lose their shoes. Making your own can be done in a matter of minutes and without purchasing any new materials.


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