How To Make Dollhouse Furniture Out of Cardboard

The most imaginative of people have rooted their creativity through ingenious and innovative ways. Most often than not, we fall victim to the market and avail of certain things we can make ourselves. If your child is fond of dollhouses and needs some furniture to play with, find resourceful ways to make some using this article as a guide. With your daughter, unleash your creative juices to save on expenses and bond with each other.

Let playtime be a wonderful experience for you both by engaging in some fun projects. Today, learn how to make some dollhouse furniture out of…cardboard! Although it may sound absurd at first, why not work on a project to make a believer out of yourself?

  • Organize your supplies. You’ll need some common art supplies like colored art paper, colorful ribbon and cords, some stickers and other fancy art detail like sequins, glitter and feathers, a pair of scissors, some adhesives like tape and crafts glue and other decorative materials you intend to use. Feel free to use everything and anything!
  • Create a bed out of boxes. First, you will have to flatten a box the size using a doll as the sizing guide. For the design, let your inner artist out by painting over box or wrapping paper around it to give a solid design. Take a ribbon or cord and trim it long enough to serve as the border of the box. To hold it into place, use clear tape or some adhesive. If you have excess cloth to spare, cut out the blanket. Use some cotton strips for the pillows.
  • Create a bed out of recycled strips. Simply take some scissors and make the mattress by snipping a strip of cardboard. As you do this, keep in mind the doll’s size. Do the same to procure the head and foot boards. For detail, take your scissors and create rounded edges for both boards. Use the headboard as an outline guide to trace twice over colored art paper before snipping away. Glue the colored art paper pieces on both sides of the headboard and do the same with the footboard. To assemble the bed, use an adhesive to fasten both ends of the mattress leaving an inch of allowance at the bottom of the headboard. Don’t forget to utilize excess cloth and cotton strips for pillows and blankets.
  • Create a couch. You’ll need to flatten two same-sized boxes and assign one as the seat and the other as the couch itself. If you find yourself stuck with two boxes of unequal size, don’t worry. Simply take your scissors and do some snipping until your boxes are of the same size. If you find yourself without a box, take your available cardboard material and cut out four different sheets. Simply take each sheet and attach them onto each creating a makeshift box.
  • Customize your own couch design. You have the option to paint over or cover the box in wrapping paper. Create the formation of a couch by taking one box and position in to its side. Take the other and move it in front of the previous box. Next, join both boxes together with some adhesive. For armrests, cut tiny strips of cardboard equal in length to the seat’s width. Follow the same design scheme and glue the strips on the sofa’s sides. Ta-da! You just created some dollhouse furniture. Try making other kind of furniture and find how being resourceful can create countless possibilities for creativity.


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