How To Make Drink Coasters from Your Child's Artwork

Children are fond of art. They enjoy spending time drawing, coloring, painting and doing just about anything that has to deal with crafts. Parents are fond of either displaying their children’s art at their workstations while some keep them in boxes. There is however another way of restoring and preserving your children’s works of art while at the same displaying and putting them into good use. This is to turn those works of art into coasters that you can conveniently use at home.

Gather those art works. You’d like to start by collecting your children’s works of arts. Look into your memorabilia boxes to identify which art works you will be working on in creating the drink coasters. If you do not have any stored away, then what you can do is to invite your kids to an artwork session with you. You can ask them to draw shapes figures or anything that they prefer that may be big enough to serve as a drink coaster.

Prepare your materials. It is best for you to have all the materials you need. There really is no need to worry about this as these supplies can be easily found at home and if not, easily purchased in a crafts or hardware stores. Cork sheets, Polyurethane and craft knife and glue should be included in your materials list.

Cutting out the art work
: The next step is for you to cut out the selected art work. You have several options to go about in cutting. You can either follow a 4 x 4 inch section or decide to follow the shape of the artwork. Just make sure that the size is just about right to use as a drink coaster. As mentioned above, a 4 x 4 section is suggested.

Cutting out the cork: Follow the pattern or shape of the artwork in cutting out the cork sheet. It may be easier to do this by tracing the artwork on top of the cork sheet. Trace with allowance making the cork size a little bigger than the artwork. It will be better to make two cork sheet cut outs of the artwork. This will provide additional weight to the coaster to make and will stop it from curling.

Create the drink coaster. Begin by gluing the two cork sheet cut outs. This can be done with the use of the crafts glue. Set it aside for a while to allow it to dry. Once dry, the next step is to apply some glue to the artwork and stick it on top of the cut outs which have been glued together. Wait for it to try and trim of the excess to make it look neat and dainty.

Coat it. Coat the coaster by finishing it off with a brush of Polyurethane. This provides the coaster a look that’s polished and preserves the color of the artwork.

This is an activity, which can also serve as bonding time for parents and children. Afterwards, you can either ask their help in the coaster project or even surprise them with how you’ve yet turned their art work into another work of art!


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