How To Make Drop Earrings

Colorful earrings

Drop earrings are a great project for anyone who is creating beaded jewelry. They are simple, easy to do, and inexpensive. Additionally a girl can never have enough great earrings. They also make great gifts, and are great to add to your collection if you are selling your jewelry.

A basic pair of earrings can be made with three simple steps.

  1. Using your head pin, add the beads of your choice in an order that is pleasing to you. You may have to rearrange them to get a pattern you are really pleased with.
  2. Leave about 1/4" of wire at the top of the beads (or more if you are choosing to make shorter drop earrings).
  3. Using your pliers, bend the wire at a 90 degree angle, leaving a small amount of space above your beads. Reposition them so that you can wrap the wire around the pliers and form a nice little loop.
  4. Reposition your pliers to grip your loop.
  5. Take the remaining wire and slowly wrap it around the space you left between the loop and the beads. Trim excess wire. This is a wrapped wire loop.
  6. Open the loop in your ear wires by gently twisting it with your pliers. Never open loops or rings by pulling the ends apart; always twist them so you can retwist them to get the ends to connect. Otherwise you will leave a gap.
  7. Slop your wrapped wire loop into the loop on the wire and close it by twisting it in the other direction. This is your first earring.

Repeat the steps to make a second earring. It really is that simple, but you have other options when making drop earrings. Some of your options are here, while others you will have to discover for yourself as you have fun making earrings.

  • Add charms. You can add charms to your drop earrings by using eye pins instead of head pins. Simply open the eye (by twisting), add the charm, and close the eye. Make the rest of the earring in the same manner described above.
  • Make it wire-wrapped. Use just a few beads, or less, and complete steps one and two. Instead of trimming off excess wire at then end of step two, twist that wire down and around your beads. This will give them a wrapped-wire look. Finish it the same way.
  • Adding focal beads or donuts. You can make a creative focal bead or donut by wire-wrapping them in a manner that is pleasing. Make a wire-wrapped loop at the "top" and add them to an eye pin. Complete steps one through three as you normally would.

Getting creative while making jewelry is one of the best parts about making your own jewelry. Have fun doing it and be willing to try new things. You just might come up with some awesome designs.


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