How To Make Duvet Covers from Sheets

One of the most comfortable ways to sleep in winter is in between duvet covers. Duvet covers are much less expensive than purchasing a comforter, and when the right sheets are used – those that are thick and comfortable – the duvet covers can be equally as warm and comforting. Making duvet covers using old and rarely used sheets is an easy DIY project.

Lay the sheets together. Take two sheets that have the same size. Make sure that the top sides are facing each other, so that you will be able to sew the duvet from the inside. This will create a cleaner stitch on the outside when you turn the duvet covers inside out.

Pin and sew. Place straight pins on the old sheets. Make sure that the pins are distanced at an inch from the corners and edge of the bed sheets. Each pin should be at least three inches away from the other.  Once pinned into place, you can use a sewing machine to close the seams. Do this twice with the double stitch function on your sewing machine so that the duvet covers will be strong enough to accommodate a sleeping person who twists and turns. The feet area should be especially strong since the legs will move a lot during sleep and can tear open weak sections of the duvet cover.

Turn the sheets over. The bottom part of the duvet cover, which is the sheet that will come into contact with the bed, should be trimmed by about five inches starting from the bottom sheet. Use shears to cut the edges, and then fold the seam over into itself so that the jagged edges of the fabric will be protected. Once the excess fabric has been trimmed, you can turn the fabric over unto itself so that the exterior part of the cover is visible.

Mark the seams. On the open side, mark the seams in four inch intervals.  Do this from one of the open sides until you reach the other open side. Once the seams have been marked, you can sew on buttons on the four inch intervals in the seam. On the other side of the seams, create button holes by adding slits. Use a sewing machine to seal the edges of the button holes. It is best to practice on a spare piece of fabric first, however, since making buttons and adding the edges for the button slits can be tricky at first.  Also make sure that you use buttons that are larger than usual, to make it easier to open and close the duvet covers.

Once the buttons have been placed in the covers, you can insert the duvet into the duvet covers. Button down the edge of the cover. As you get used to making duvet covers, you can begin to add interesting patterns and designs into the cover, to help you decorate the bedroom through the duvet covers. You can even add beadwork and embroidery onto the covers once you have gotten used to making duvet covers.


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