How To Make Easy Decorative Wooden Blocks With Decoupage

Turn the plain wooden blocks into educational and entertaining toys for toddlers and kids. You’ll use rudimentary craft materials to decorate the sides of the blocks to trigger a child’s imagination. The decorative wooden blocks can also serve as personalized and memorable gift for a baby shower, kid’s birthday or teacher appreciation day. Below are steps and guides on how to make easy decorative wooden blocks with decoupage.

  • What you need to make decorative wooden blocks with decoupage. You need 2-inch wooden square blocks, fine-gauge sandpaper, paper trimmer or scissors, decorative paper with plaids or stripes, double-sided tape, colored card stock, pinking shears, fabric swatches, stickers (letters, numbers, and images), and decoupage glaze and brush.
  • Polish the wooden blocks. Sand the 2-inch wooden square blocks with a fine gauge sandpaper. It will eliminate sharp and smooth edges and uneven spots.
  • Attach a decorative paper to the wooden blocks. Use a paper trimmer or a scissor to cut four 2 X 2 inch decorative paper squares that features a plaid or a subtle striped design. Each wooden block has six sides. Use a double-sided tape to attach the decorative paper squares on 4 sides of the block.
  • Attach fabrics to the wooden blocks. Find different types of fabrics. Use a double-sided tape to attach the 2 X 2 inch fabric pieces to the remaining two sides of the block. The different fabric types will help children identify textures like furry, shiny, smooth, soft, and bumpy. Use pinking shears to cut the fabric swatch; they will also keep fabrics from loosening.

    Before buying fabric, find idle clothing apparel at your home. You can also visit garage sales and thrift stores to buy cheap fabrics.

  • Attach letters and objects to the wooded blocks. Stick a bold letter sticker with a legible font on a wooden block square that has a fabric. Choose sans serif fonts so children can identify the letters easily. Attach an object to the other fabricated square. Like in letter A, attach an image of alligator, astronaut, or apple to the block.
  • Attach colors to the wooden blocks. Use a double-sided tape to attach a 2 X 2 colored card stock pieces on a block’s side that has decorative paper. The kids will easily learn fundamental colors like brown, orange, violet, yellow, blue and green. They can also identify shades like black and white.
  • An alternative idea to cover the wooden blocks. If you don’t want to embellish the wooden blocks with fabric, and number and letter stickers, then use a decorative paper to cover the six sides of the wooden blocks. The decorative paper can coincide with the motif of your kid’s room. Try to read design magazines and related reading materials for further ideas.
  • Increase the durability of the wooden blocks. After you have affixed the motif in the wooden blocks, brush each side of the block with some decoupage glaze. You can include fabric swatch replacements, decorative paper squares and colored stock pieces if you’ll give the blocks as gift. So, the recipient can repair the blocks if wear and tear show up.

This project is also an effective start on how to teach kids to become creative. Execute the steps in a block while they’re watching then ask them to repeat the process to the other blocks.  These decorative wooden blocks with decoupage are durable; they can stand time and your younger children might still use them.


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