How To Make Fake Sea Glass

The sea can bring beauty by just being there for you to stare at. It also houses marine life that you could always explore. One thing that is not common knowledge is that sea can produce art. One of them is sea glass. Sea glass is that collectible frosted bottle with rounded edges that is the result of being played around by the sea. If you do not have access to these pieces of glass then you can create it yourself.

  1. Wear gloves and if you really want to be careful wear goggles. You will be dealing with chemicals and glass. Shards of glass can get into your eye and cause blindness when you break the bottle. This is not entirely a good combination to work with.
  2. Gather some old bottles. You can pick up wine, beer or anything at all made of glass. You can clean them up first to remove the traces of the old liquid. It is better to start with neat materials.
  3. If you do not feel comfortable using old glasses and bottles. You can purchase glass sheets in some stores. It is more costly this way but this is up to you.
  4. The glasses have to be shattered but have to have good remaining pieces that you can use. You can just break the old bottles and cut up the glass sheet you bought. Either way, be careful. If you do not have goggles on then do not be careless. Look away from where you plan to break it.
  5. You would need acid solution. This could burn your skin so be careful in handling it. Place the acid in a steel bowl or use your sink with a plugged drain.
  6. Place the glass in the acidic solution and wait. What’s going to happen is there would be a reaction making the edges rounded. This however takes a great deal of time and might not give you the best looking fake sea glass.
  7. A better option would be to buy a rock tumbler. A rock tumbler is originally created to smoothen the edges of rocks. It is now being used to tumble glass because it almost copies sea glasses identically. Real sea glasses have a kind of cuts in them that cannot be faked completely.
  8. If you put a glass in a rock tumbler, you will get a sea glass effect. For the untrained eye they can mistake it for the real thing. Be careful however because experts know how to check if it’s fake and could get you into trouble when you claim otherwise.

Making fake sea glass can be a fun hobby. You can get in touch with your creative side by making different pieces of art just by using these glasses. You can also give them as gifts. Just personalize a bit. You will not only learn a craft but make other people smile as well. Try to make fake sea glass in your spare time and you will learn to love this particular hobby.


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