How To Make Floating Ghosts for Your Outdoor Halloween Display

Ghost house
This year, make ghosts to decorate for a Halloween party or entertain trick-or-treaters. All it takes is a bed sheet, a round object for the head, a few safety pins, and string or yarn. Here's how to make floating ghosts for your outdoor Halloween display.

Step 1

Find the center of the sheet. Fold the sheet in half in two directions, and mark the spot where the two fold lines meet. Use a safety pin to mark the center; you will use this safety pin later for hanging the ghost.

Step 2

Make the head of the ghost. You can use anything round and lightweight for the ghost's head. A beach ball or inflated balloon will both work. To attach the head to the ghost, lay your sheet on the floor, with the safety pin on the side facing the floor.

Step 3

Assemble the floating ghost. Now, gather the sheet around the head. Tie a piece of string or yarn to hold the sheet together, forming the neck of the ghost. If you have positioned it correctly, the safety pin should be directly on top of your ghost's head.

Step 4

Make the ghost's arms. About two-thirds of the way between the neck and the bottom edge of the sheet, add another safety pin. These safety pins, positioned on the left and right side of the ghost, will hold up its arms. Make sure that both safety pins are about the same distance away from the head, or the arms will be a little lopsided.

Step 5

Give your ghost a face. This is optional, and should not be done if you plan to reuse the sheet. You can use permanent markers to draw a face. You can also use black electrical tape, which can be peeled off if you decide to use the sheet after Halloween is over.

Step 6

Hang the floating ghosts. You can hang them with the same string or yarn you used to assemble the ghosts, or use dental floss or fishing line to make it appear that the ghosts are really floating in midair. Tie one piece of string to each safety pin, and hang them from the eaves of your house or another structure with the arms spread wide. Make sure that you tie them well so they will not fall down in the wind.

After you make one floating ghost, make a whole family of ghosts to create an outdoor Halloween display. Simply use different sized sheets and pillowcases, and larger or smaller balloons or beach balls.


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