How To Make Flower Centerpieces with Real Flowers

Having real flowers as centerpiece livens up the room more than artificial ones, since it has a different glow and natural scent that comes with it. Here are some useful tips in making flower centerpieces using real, fresh flowers:

  1. Use fresh flowers that are in season. Using off season blooms will be more expensive for you. Also buy ornamental leaves and baby’s breath to provide some greens to the centerpiece.
  2. Use a clean glass or plastic flower vase, or a basket with waterproof lining. Wash the flower vase thoroughly and make sure it is not contaminated with dirt. For a basket, use a plastic bag that fits the basket. Make sure it does not have leaks. To check for leaks, put water inside the plastic bag and let it stand for a few minutes. You will be able to see if it leaks out water.
  3. Instead of just placing the flowers and leaves straight in the vase or basket, use a foam to hold the stems of the flowers and leaves.  It is easier to arrange flowers by sticking it on the foam, since the flowers will not move and you are able to control the direction of the flowers.
  4. When using foam for real, fresh flowers, use the green one. Soak it in a bowl of water until it absorbs as much water. However, do not let it soak too much because the foam will become too soft and will dissolve in the water. Soaking is better than just moistening the foam in running water, since the foam does not effectively absorb water that way. If the foam has a dry spot inside, then the flower might wilt faster. Soaking it in water makes sure there is no dry spot.
  5. Cut the bottom part of the flower to remove the dry part. It is preferable to leave around 8 inches for the flower’s stem.
  6. Place the soaked foam in the flower vase or basket, with the rim of the vase or basket around 1 inch lower than the foam. Leaving a portion of the foam exposed makes it easier to stick flowers at the sides.
  7. If you are using a clear flower vase, hide the foam from view by placing colored pebbles inside, between the foam and the wall of the vase. You can also use colored sand.
  8. Stick the flowers on the foam starting with the flowers having the longest stems, at the center of the foam. Add flowers from the center to the sides. The flowers at the sides should have shorter stems.
  9. Add the leaves and baby’s breath in between the flowers to hide the spaces.
  10. Once the flower arrangement is finished, spray it with water to moisten the flowers and leaves. Do this every day to make the flowers last longer. Do not let it sit under direct sunlight or outside on a windy day. If you have pets, keep the centerpiece as far from them as possible.


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