How To Make Flower Punches

There are several innovative ways to create decorations for greeting cards, invitations and scrapbooks. You can use colors, beads and buttons, or make flower punches. This is done by using paper punches with different designs and shapes to create a floral cut out. Some paper punches already have floral designs, while other paper punches have shapes such as oval or round that can create a bigger design when used in a pattern.

When using flower shaped paper punches in creating your greeting cards or invitations, first, you need to create your design on paper. Then decide on the size of the card or invitation, the materials you will use and the color. If you are making invitations, it should match the occasion’s theme or motif. Also decide on whether you will use ribbons, glitters, beads or other decorations for your card or invitation.

You should first create one card that will serve as a pattern for the rest of the invitations. This is to make sure you are happy with your design before producing the invitation in large number. If you have more time and materials, you can make invitations using several designs.

Prepare the materials in creating your greeting cards or invitation: cardboard in different colors, scissors, glue, paper punch with floral designs, ribbons, glitter (optional). Draw an outline of flowers on the cardboard, and then using the paper punch, follow the pattern and punch out holes until the flower outline shows. You can punch holes that will appear like chains, or you can punch holes overlapping each other.

If you are using a flower punch that already has a floral design, you can punch out several pieces of flowers using colored cardboards. Glue these cut out flowers to the card or invitation. If you are using glitters, place some glue at the edges of the flower designs and sprinkle the glitters over them.

The pieces of paper you have punched out can also be used to design the greeting cards or their envelops. Take the punched out paper pieces and glue them on the card or envelop, using another pattern.

Aside from greeting cards and invitations you can also make a fun project for the kids. All they need are pieces of colored paper, pencil, paper punch and glue. Let them draw flower patterns on the colored paper. Make sure the drawings are big enough that the flower pattern will show after punching holes in them. Then they can start punching holes on the pattern, until they complete the entire outline. They can use the small pieces of paper punched out and glue them on another colored paper (preferably a contrasting color) and create a new pattern. Let your kids put up these flower punches on the walls of their room as a wall décor. Encourage them to create more patterns and come up with new flower punches that they can use to decorate photo frames and notebook covers.


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