How To Make Footed Pajamas

If you suffer from cold feet while in bed which can sometimes rob you of sleep, footed pajamas may be the answer. Footed pajamas are very comfortable to wear. These will give you hours of restful sleep, with your feet warm and toasty. They are much better to wear than socks.

While you can buy footed pajamas for adults now you will save a lot and make the footed pajamas that will fit you better. Below are some tips on hot to make footed pajamas.

  • Find your most comfortable and well fitting one-piece pajama. Measure the width of the of the pant leg above the ribbed cuff. Look for the most suitable material that you can use to make the foot covering to attach to your pair of pajamas. Most one piece pajamas are made from flannel or knitted toweling or fleece material. One yard of material is already plenty for you to make the feet and spats.
  • Look for a pattern for spats. Regular spats have narrower upper parts to fit around the lower legs so you have to adjust the pattern. Spats are the parts of the shoes that cover the upper parts of the feet and top of the feet as well as wrapping around the ankles.
  • Trace the outside of your house slippers. These will be wide enough to give you a good fit for the soles of the pajama feet, including the allowance for the seams. The right side of the fabric should be at the bottom of the soles.
  • Copy the spat pattern on a piece of paper, adjusting the width of the top part based on the measurement you have taken on the pant legs of your one piece pajamas. Cut the pattern and fit it over the sole of one foot that you have cut. Make sure that the pattern fits exactly around the sole with the edges meeting at the back. Pin the paper pattern on the sole in the proper position. Check the top part to see if it will fit the width of the pant leg above the ribbed cuff and adjust the size accordingly. Cut the fabric for the spats, including the seam allowance when you have made the adjustments.
  • Sew the back seams of the spats and turn them inside out. Attach the bottom edge of the spat to the edge of the sole, with the seam of the spat in the middle of the back of the sole. The right sides of the fabric for the sole and the spat should be facing each other. Sew along the seam allowance around the sole. Turn the piece so that the spat will be upright.

Remove the ribbed cuffs from the pant legs of the pajamas. Mark the center at the back parts of the pajama legs. Turn the pajamas inside out so you can attach the foot. Slip the finished pajama foot through the pant leg and align the back seam of the slat on the mark you made. Make sure that the edges of the pajama foot and the pant leg are aligned. Pin them in place and sew the seam. Turn the pajama right side out and check your handiwork. If everything checks out, repeat the process for the other leg.

Voila, you have just made your first adult footed pajamas. Try them one and check the fit. Hopefully you will not be removing the stitches and repeating the process again. Enjoy your footed pajamas and have a wonderful sleep.


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