How To Make Gauntlet Gloves

What is a medieval knight without his shining armor? Speaking of armor, gauntlet gloves are a staple of a medieval knight’s armor.  Traditionally, gauntlets have been used to protective gear for the hands of medieval knights and lords.  Nowadays, people don’t wear them as armor anymore and when they do, it is only intended as an added realistic detail to a costume or for combat games.  Today, gauntlet gloves are used to protect the hands of the wearer from the cold and not enemy knights. You don’t need to buy them at the store if you know how to make gauntlet gloves yourself by following the instructions below:

  1. Begin by preparing the materials, which include: a measuring tape, tracing paper or cardboard, a pen, stretch cloth or synthetic leather you will be using as a the material for your gauntlet gloves, a sewing machine and thread (you can also saw the gloves by hand), and a sharp pair of scissors. If you are making gauntlet gloves as part of a knight’s costume, get a permanent marker, tin shears, sheet metal, rivets, a small hammer, awl/drill/metal punch and metal filer.
  2. Make, find or buy a pattern for your gauntlet gloves. This part of the project can be tricky, depending on your preference.
  3. If you look for a pattern online, be sure to adjust it to the size of your hand—no need to do this if the glove pattern fits.
  4. The same is true when you buy a pattern. Make the pattern smaller or larger to adjust it to the actual size of your hands. Patterns one can buy usually include the pattern for one thumb, the trank and one fourchette.  To avoid misplacing these pieces, fasten the thumb and fourchette to the trank using a paper clip.
  5. But the fastest way for you to make a pattern for gauntlet gloves is to get a pair of gloves that fit you well and base your own pattern from them. Turn the gloves inside and out and lay them on the tracing paper or cardboard. Cardboard is actually better to use because it is harder than tracing paper. It is easier to trace a pattern made of cardboard onto the cloth or leather.
  6. Trace the pattern onto the cloth or material for the gloves. Make sure you have an adequate allowance for sewing. If you are using store-bought patterns, remember to reverse the pattern for the other hand.
  7. Cut the cloth.
  8. Hand sew or use the sewing machine to sew the pieces together.
  9. Wear the gloves to see if they fit you right and adjust accordingly.
  10. If you are making gauntlet gloves for a knight’s costume, find patterns to decorate the finished gloves.
  11. Draw the pattern using the permanent marker onto your sheet metal, then cut it with the tin shears.
  12. Use the metal filer to smoothen rough edges of the cut pattern.
  13. With the awl/drill/metal punch, punch holes onto the pattern where you would like the rivets to go. The rivets create a realistic detail to the metal sheet.
  14. Attach the punched up pattern onto the gloves with the rivets, securing the rivets with the hammer. Your knight’s gauntlet gloves are ready.

Learning how to make gauntlet gloves can be a tricky task. The key is to get the pattern right and to adjust the gloves to fit your hands perfectly.


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