How To Make Gift Wrap Paper

They say that the best gifts come in tiny packages but they can be wrong. Gifts—big or small, moderately priced or expensive—are always welcome.  They say that in gift giving, it’s the thought that counts. Therefore, all the thoughts that went into the creation of one’s own gift wrap paper counts.  After all, who doesn’t appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift, more so when the wrapping paper was made by the giver himself? Learn how to make gift wrap paper by reading the design suggestions below:

  1. For this project, you will be needing loads of creativity and using materials you already have at hand. Although you can buy materials from your local craft store, why not champion the cause of the environment by recycling available materials? Your imagination and skill is the limit of your creation. 
  2. Consider the occasion when you will be using the gift wrapping paper, your own personality, or the personality of the person to whom you will be giving a gift in determining the design and the materials you will be using for your gift wrap paper. For instance, the holidays are coming and you plan to use the gift wrap paper for your male soccer-loving best friend. The gift wrap paper should be appropriate for the occasion of the gift and the person to whom you’ll be giving the gift. 
  3. Another option is to make a neutral design or solid color palettes. This way, your versatile gift wrapper can be used for any occasion.
  4. Some of the materials you can use for a gift wrap are old magazines and newspapers glue and scissors. Choose and cut up pictures from and old magazine and paste them on the newspaper like a collage. You can now use the finished product as a gift wrapper.
  5. Also try this tip: get the classified sections of the newspaper—avoid the pages containing colored advertisement. Get a rubber stamp and an ink pad in the color of your choice. Dunk the rubber stamp onto the ink pad and stamp the newspaper according to your design ideas. Instead of using a rubber stamp, you can also make your own stamp using a potato or an orange (the shape of an orange, cut in half, can be interesting on paper). You can also spray paint the newspaper entirely, or use stencils to create designs.
  6. You can also design your gift wrap paper using glitter glue or a glitter pen. With a glitter pen, try drawing checkers and other shapes onto the paper you desire to use as wrapping paper.
  7. You can also make gift wrapping paper out of colorful felt cloth. Cut out tiny shapes or flowers and design from a piece of felt. Cut out enough pieces to paste onto the main piece you will be using as the gift wrapping paper. You can also making running stitches all around the felt paper, making use of colorful yarn.
  8. You can also print out designs to make your own gift paper. There are websites that allow you to design your own gift paper and simply print them.  Try

There you have it: some creative suggestions on how to make gift wrap paper yourself.  Presents matter and so does presentation since it is the thought that counts in giving gifts.


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