How To Make Glitter Gel

Doing a project that requires glitter gel? Enjoy doing that project more by making your own glitter gel, and by calling out your friends to help you out. This is a good time to bond with your friends, or even family if you want. A glitter gel is multi-purpose. They will surely find a way on where to use it. Here’s how to do a glitter gel:

  1. Prepare the ingredients. In making a glitter gel, the following are what you will be needing: ½ cup of aloe vera gel, 2 tsp. of glycerin, paper or plastic cups, 1 tsp. of glitter with different colors, essential or fragrant oil, food coloring, plastic spoons and vile or container.
  2. Prepare four paper or plastic cups. Prepare first four cups, plastic or paper, where the glitter gel will be mixed.
  3. Fill the cups with aloe vera gel. Fill the four cups with aloe vera gel. Divide the ½ cup of aloe vera gel into four equal parts and pour it in the cups.
  4. Add ¼ tsp of glycerin in each cup. Do the same in the glycerin. Divide the 2 tsp. into 4 equal parts and add it in each cup. Then stir.
  5. Add ¼ tsp of glitter in each cup. Now add the same amount of glitter in each cup, add ¼ in each.
  6. Add a drop of food coloring in all cups. Mix each cup and then add a drop of food coloring. Apply different colors in each cup to have a variation. This part is not necessary. It is only to add life to your glitter gel so as not to make it boring. It will still be a glitter gel even without food coloring. 
  7. Add a drop or two of essential or fragrant oil. Then add a drop or two of essential or fragrant oil in each cup. This oil will add scent to your glitter gel. If you are not contended with its scent after a drop, add one more.
  8. Mix it well and store in a vile or container of your choice. Now stir the entire thing together and when it is ready, when it is well mixed, transfer it to a vile or container and store it. Just be sure that whatever you’ll use as container, it should be dry clean in order to preserve the original substance.

There are alternative bonding sessions you can enjoy with your friends and family. Doing a simple project like this one will definitely light the candle that has been dim for some time. Apart from being fun to do, glitter gel has a multipurpose. You may not know yet where you will use it from the time you finish doing it, but the thing is, it can be stored and can be used for a lot of other stuff. You can use it to a school project that needs to be accessorized or to your room that needs to be decorated, or in a journal you’re keeping or in designing your other stuffs. It can used in a lot of different ways. Sky’s the limit.


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