How To Make Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine cone as Christmas ornament

A well-decorated Christmas tree wakens the Christmas spirit in every man, woman, and child, and may even evoke childhood memories of beautiful Christmases past.  But Christmas decorations don't have to be the expensive, store-bought type in order to make a beautiful tree. This year, why not hit two birds with one stone? Save money and bond with your whole family together by making your own tree ornaments!  Tree ornaments are delightfully easy to make; even very young kids will have a great time creating them. Here's how you can make glitter pine cone ornaments:

1. You will need the following.

  • Small to medium-sized pine cones
  • Glitter in different colors
  • Glue
  • Paint brush
  • Thin ribbons or yarn
  • Sealer
  • Old newspaper

2. You can use either open or unopened pine cones to make ornaments, though open ones look better.  Pine cones can be easily bought at craft stores or where Christmas trees are sold. If you choose to pick out pine cones from your backyard, make sure you clean them with water. Then place them on a foil-lined cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees F. for an hour to make the cone open more and to kill any bugs hiding inside.

3. Cover the surface of your work area with old newspaper to avoid getting glue on the surface and to make clean-up easier. Working with glitter can be messy!

4. Paint the tips of the pine cone petals with glue by using the paint brush.

5. Take a small pinch of glitter and gently sprinkle it onto the glue.  You can use one color on each pine cone, or combine several colors in one. Silver glitter gives a snow-like effect, while colors such as red and green are pretty much a holiday staple. Some pretty color combinations you might want to try out are red and green, red and gold, blue and silver, pink and silver, silver and gold.

6. Lightly shake the pinecone to remove any excess glitter. Make sure the excess glitter lands on the newspaper for easier clean-up.

7. Cut a five inch string of ribbon or yarn and thread it through the stem of the pine cone. Then tie the ends so that the ribbon forms a circle.

8. Let your pine cones hang to dry for a day.

9. Spray with a sealer so the glitter doesn't fall off.

10. Hang on the tree and enjoy!

Other Tips:

Pine cones are dry and very flammable. Make sure you don't hang them near a heat source like fire, light, or a candle. Make sure the work area is not near any sources of heat or fire either.

Homemade ornaments are also generally less stable than store bought ones. Even with the sealer, glitter might fall off and land on the branches or the floor.

Making pine cone ornaments is a fun craft that can become a family tradition. Create new pine cone ornaments every year before Christmas! Begin by taking a walk in the woods nearby to collect pine cones at the start of the Christmas season.


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