How To Make Glue

Using glue

Glue is one household item that you never seem to be able to find when you need it. If this dilemma threatens to delay your craft projects you can solve it by making what you need. Follow these instructions and you can make glue at home whenever you need it.

½ cup milk
1 tablespoon white vinegar
1 teaspoon hot water
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 small microwaveable bowls
1 cup or jar with airtight lid
Coffee filter

  1. Heat milk in microwave. Pour the milk into a small microwaveable bowl. Then place the bowl in the microwave for twenty seconds to heat the milk.
  2. Add vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the milk.
  3. Set the bowl aside for a few minutes. This step allows the milk to separate into curds and whey. The milk should start to appear cloudy and you should see the separation.
  4. Separate the milk curds. The curds are the thick white chunks that separated from the clear or yellowish liquid whey. Place the coffee filter over the second bowl. Pour the separated milk over the filter. The whey should filter through while the curds are captured. Once you have emptied the first bowl, fold the coffee filter closed to capture the curds then squeeze lightly to get any remaining whey to filter out.
  5. Place the curds in the airtight cup or jar. This container needs to be airtight to keep your glue from drying out.
  6. Mix in hot water and baking soda. Stir with a spoon as you add these two items. By stirring consistently you should be able to remove the clumps of the milk curds and create a creamy glue consistency. Add water for more liquid glue and baking soda to stiffen the mix if it is too watery.
  7. Close lid and store container in the refrigerator. Since milk was used as the base of your glue it will need to be refrigerated or it will spoil quickly. The glue is ready to use after a minute or two in the fridge.

Making glue at home is a quick and easy solution when you find yourself without needed adhesive. This glue recipe should be used in place of typical white glue. Do not use this glue if you are looking for glue for wood projects, projects that need a watertight seal or for projects that will be outside in a tropical climate. For common household craft projects, this glue recipe will work in a pinch.


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