How To Make Graduation Centerpieces

Centerpieces easily become the usual focal point in party settings. They are often the topic of conversation as they commonly bear the theme of the party. In a gathering, a centerpiece is the favorite backdrop of so many photographs as guests huddle together to have a souvenir picture with this interesting arrangement.

Apart from weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, graduation is another cause for celebration. And to make a graduation more glittery and significant, decorating the party room with a graduation centerpiece can be a lovely idea. You can actually have someone make the centerpiece for you but you can do it on your own too, if you want to save money as well as express your creative self on this piece of art.

To make graduation centerpieces, try these suggested ways:

  1. Place an extra table behind the buffet counter. This table at the back should be a few inches higher than the other tables in the party area.
  2. Cover the table with white cloth (preferably linen). Make sure that the table legs are completely covered. Next, arrange another piece of fabric in bright or dark color on top of the table. Gather the ends of the cloth to the center to form a mound. On the center of this mound is where you will place your graduation centerpiece.
  3. Decide what arrangement you will make for the centerpiece. You may want to make a flower pot arrangement, a framed collage of school pictures, a mortarboard and graduation gown centerpiece, an array of books, pens, paper and other school things.
  4. For a floral centerpiece, you will need: a big flower pot, five small flower pots, a bundle of roses or any kind of flowers in season, five foam pieces and thin wire. Soak the foam pieces for several minutes until they are fully drenched. Place them inside the flower pots. Cut the wire according to the lengths of the flowers. Make sure the flowers are of graduated lengths. Coil the wire around each flower stem. Arrange the flowers in the pots, according to height – the tallest in the middle and the smaller ones around the sides. Set the flower arrangements on the table with the big pot in the middle and the small pots scattered around it. Accentuate the graduation centerpiece by scattering coins and marbles in between the pots for good luck.
  5. With a framed collage of school pictures as centerpiece, gather old and recent school photos and mount them in attractively designed frames. You may label each photo with dates and recollection notes to make the centerpiece a more interesting conversation item for guests.
  6. A mortarboard and graduation gown centerpiece is very symbolic because it truly stands for the occasion itself. You can make a mortarboard cutout from a piece of black cardboard. Drape a graduation gown in the middle of the table and mount the mortarboard on top. You may include a school diploma replica as accent.
  7. Lastly, you can arrange an array of books, papers, pens and other school things for your graduation centerpiece. Place the books on top of the other alternately in diagonal angle with a pen holder on the side.

You only need to be creative and crafty in order to come up with lovely ideas on how to make graduation centerpieces. Bear in mind though, that to make an outstanding centerpiece, the rule of thumb to follow is to keep it simple and noteworthy.


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